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Bentley Air Suspension Failure Issues

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If you own a Bentley, then you have the privilege of experiencing one of the most luxurious and highly sought-after vehicles on the market. The BentaygaContinental GT, GTC, Flying Spur,  and the Mulsanne are only a few of the brand’s models that are consistently favored by drivers worldwide; these models do not disappoint in luxury nor performance, and continue to outsell their competitors yearly. Despite their delivery in customer satisfaction, unfortunately even these beautifully engineered machines can also run into problems. One of the most common issues with Bentley’s is regarding the air suspension system. If a warning light is displayed on your dashboard Stop vehicle too low, or you observe that your Bentley is lower to the ground than usual, it is critical that you take it to a trusted automotive repair shop immediately for inspection.

We continually exceed client’s expectations

Bentley drivers in MiamiFt. Lauderdale, or West Palm BeachFlorida, may find it challenging to locate a trustworthy and reputable automotive service that is particularly skilled in determining common issues with luxury brand vehicles. Our experts at Euromotive Performance in Broward, FL, continually exceed client’s expectations when it comes to Bentley repairs, especially in relation to their intricate air suspension systems. We have a stellar reputation in the aforementioned locations due to our consistent performance and outstanding work ethic. Euromotive Performance is one of the few automotive shops that have dealer certified technicians on staff, making our automotive specialists especially skilled and knowledgeable about luxury brand vehicles. Bentley’s are high-end vehicles, and our clients expect high-end results.

Air suspension issues in Bentley are common

Air suspension issues in Bentley’s are not unheard of; the specialists here at Euromotive are familiar with the common problems that Bentley’s in particular suffer from and know how to address them properly, so that in the future you can keep your automobile out of the shop and on the road. A Bentley’s air suspension is designed for comfort; the rubber cylinders that the manufacturer uses in place of coil springs are excellent for adjusting the suspension as you like it. However, rubber is a corrodible material that over time degrades and can cause other vehicle malfunctions. Air leaking from your suspension will cause your Bentley to ride unevenly, which can lead to an immediate chain of events to occur, leaving you with a hefty automotive repair bill. It is in your Bentley and wallet’s best interest to address the issue before it turns into a bigger problem.

It should not go overlooked

If air suspension issues go overlooked, the components begin to fail, causing your Bentley to drop to the ground, possibly overnight. While it may be likely that the suspension will give out while the Bentley is parked, it is also possible for the suspension to drop while on the road at high speeds. As you may imagine, this is especially dangerous for drivers, particularly because it may happen without warning; although your Bentley is designed to warn you of any issues with the vehicle, the warning system does not always function properly, leaving you in the dark about the quality of your air suspension system. Euromotive Performance will perform a thorough inspection of your vehicle to make sure that there are no other lingering issues before you get back on the road.

Bentley Car in Repair Shop

Wrap up

Euromotive Performance is committed to ensuring that our customers in the South Florida area, including Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and Hollywood, are provided with the best quality services, no matter what the issue is, and it is our mission to ensure your safety to the best of our ability. Although air suspension is a serious issue that must be addressed with urgency, we also provide other services such as oil changestune-ups, or brake services so that you can bring your car to the same location for an all-in-one check-up. Euromotive Performance has extensive experience and background in luxury vehicle repairs and upgrades; in addition to repairing a faulty air suspension, we can also assess your vehicle’s overall functionality and recommend updates or repairs that will keep your Bentley in its best working condition and at its highest level of performance. Bentley’s are an investment—it is critical that you find a reputable, trustworthy automotive shop that consistently produces outstanding quality work; the professionals here at Euromotive Performance will not disappoint.


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