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Common BMW Problems – Oil Leak Repairs for BMW Miami, Ft Lauderdale FL

Common BMW Problems

Every car has its problem areas, and while BMW vehicles are top-of-the-line, they do have some common problems, particularly with oil leaks.BMWs require certifications, knowledge, professional, and experienced technicians, to correctly repair your BMW. We repair and service high-tech European performance vehicles, including world-class BMWs. When you need a proficient European automotive technician in the […]

Why and When Should I Change My BMW’s Brake Fluid?

BMW Brake Fluid

If you own a BMW, you probably already understand that routine maintenance is crucial to help maintain the value and performance of your car. But when it comes to brake fluid, most people have no idea when or why it needs to be changed. It’s easy to ignore this necessity, and habit might have a […]

Car Not in Use? A Few Tips on Proper Car Storage

Euromotive Performance

Cars end up sitting for long periods of time for a variety of reasons. Maybe you’re going on an extended vacation, or maybe you travel a lot for work, or perhaps you simply have a car that you only take out for occasional joy rides. Whatever the case, there are a few things you can […]

How to Keep Your Car Maintained Regularly

bentley specialist in florida

When it comes to maintaining a car, a lot goes into it, and sometimes it can seem like a hassle. But a car is a big investment, and when the time comes to sell or trade it for something newer, you’ll want to be sure that its value has held up. That means giving it […]

The Importance of Regular Car Detailing

Car Detailing

An automobile is an important investment financially, in terms of comfort, and in how you are perceived. This being the case, your goals as a car owner should involve ensuring that it retains its value, that it’s comfortable for both you and your passengers, and that it looks great. In the end, the surest way […]

Why Choose Dinan Parts for Your BMW?

BMW Dinan Parts Florida

As a BMW owner, you’re behind the wheel of one of the world’s most iconic and beloved luxury vehicles. With a long and rich history of passion, innovation and high performance, BMW engenders a sense of pride and connection with more drivers than perhaps any other vehicle. Whether you’re purchasing replacement parts for repair or […]

Will an Alternative Shop Void My BMW Vehicle Warranty? – Euromotive Performance

Euromotive Performance

Vehicle owners tend to have a number of questions and fears regarding their warranties, and for good reason. It would be a shame to find out that due to a stipulation that you didn’t fully understand, your manufacturer will no longer cover an expensive repair or replacement that your vehicle needs. Especially when it comes […]

How to Care for Your Luxury Car

Euromotive Performance Luxury Car Care

Investing in a luxury car can be one of life’s greatest pleasures. From the comfort, performance and style that a high-end vehicle offers, owners are willing to pay a large price tag to drive in class. The joys of driving a luxury car come with the responsibility of proper maintenance to ensure that the car […]

Miami to Host Luxury, Car-Exclusive Condominium

Miami Luxury Car Condominium

There is a $350,000 luxury condo building in Miami, Florida. However, the building is allegedly dedicated to luxury cars and not people. Is this the world’s most expensive parking space? A Condo for Cars The price for every unit starts at $350,000 for a space that will fit two cars. Meanwhile, the largest unit will […]

Luxury Car Sales in the Fast Lane?

Euromotive Performance

For luxury goods investors, high-end art sales tend to grab the biggest headlines. But with automobiles once again racing into the No. 1 slot among best-performing collectibles last year, some have questioned whether the industry will be able to repeat its success 2016. Jack Nerad, executive market analyst with Kelley Blue Book, predicts that high-end […]

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