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Without oil, your engine will lock up. It’s essential to operation, but it can also be problematic. You’ll need to change your oil regularly, certainly, but there’s also the possibility of oil leaks and those can quickly grow to be serious problems. When you think you might have an oil leak, contact Euromotive to schedule an Audi oil leak diagnostic and repair in Fort Lauderdale.

Why Do Oil Leaks Happen?

Your engine is made from different pieces. Those pieces must be put together for the engine to operate, but the places where components join are weak spots where fluids would pour out of. To prevent that, manufacturers use gaskets made from metal, rubber, cork, and other materials. However, over time and through normal wear and tear, gaskets degrade. Eventually, they will begin to break down and when they do, the oil will start to leak out.

How Do I Know If I Have an Oil Leak?

There are several ways to tell if you have an oil leak. The simplest is to just look under your car when you back out of the garage or off a clean driveway. Do you see dark, oily spots? That is probably engine oil (it could also be other fluids, such as power steering fluid or brake fluid).

If the process above does not work for you, it’s possible to take a more direct approach. Grab a flashlight and a large trash bag. Spread the bag on the ground near the front of the car and lie down on it (a broken-down cardboard box will also work for this). Use your flashlight to look under the car. Do you see any wet areas? If so, those are probably signs of oil leaks.

Finally, you can also keep track of the oil level. If you check your oil regularly, you’ll be able to see the level dropping over time. However, this is not a guarantee of a leak. Some oil consumption during operation is usually considered normal.

What Do You Do If You See or Suspect a Leak?

If you think you might have an oil leak, or you’ve spotted evidence of one, it’s time to take action. Bring your car to us and we’ll perform an Audi oil leak diagnostic and repair. What’s involved?

First, we’ll check your car thoroughly, from top to bottom. If we find oil residue, we will clean it all off and then run the engine again while inspecting to see where the leak originates. We’ll inspect the oil cap, the valve cover gasket, rear main seal, oil pan gasket, and more. Once we have identified where the leak is, we’ll let you know what the problem is and the right course of action to take to repair the situation.

Ready to get your oil leak fixed? Contact Euromotive at (954) 944-2779 today or use our online scheduler. We’re located central to Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Sunny Isles Beach, and other areas of South Florida.

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