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Audi Wheel Alignment Near Fort Lauderdale

Audi Wheel Alignment Near Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Regular maintenance is critical for keeping your Audi in top condition, but also for preventing damage and ensuring your safety. Chances are good you invest in regular oil changes, tire rotations, and other maintenance services, but many drivers overlook one of the most important: wheel alignment.

What Is Audi Wheel Alignment All About?

Many people assume that their car’s wheels and tires sit perfectly upright. That is actually not the case. They must be angled correctly for good handling while driving, particularly while going around curves. Camber, caster, and toe are used to adjust the wheel/tire assembly position for optimum handling and to prevent premature wear on the tires.

The problem is that alignment isn’t permanent. It’s knocked out of true by everyday occurrences. Just driving down the road and encountering a minor pothole can change your alignment a little bit. Over time, your car becomes more and more misaligned. That will manifest itself in a couple of different ways.

One way is by changing how your car handles on the road. Chances are good that you will not notice this, partly because the change is gradual rather than all at one time. Another way is through premature tire wear.

If you check your tires and notice significant edge wear on either the inner or outer edge, it’s a good sign that you need an Audi wheel alignment service. In Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding area, Euromotive is the right choice for Audi owners.

Note that not all edge wear is a sign of an alignment problem. In most cases, you will only see wear on either the inner or the outer edge, but not both. If you see edge wear on both tires, it’s a sign that your tires are not properly inflated. However, both will result in premature wear and eventual failure. It could also lead to an accident if you were to have a blowout while driving the car.

What Is the Audi Wheel Alignment Process?

At Euromotive, we use a computerized laser wheel alignment system. It allows us to adjust your car’s alignment to exacting OEM specs and provide you with the best ride quality, handling, and tire life. When you arrive at the service center, we will take your car and place it on the alignment machine. We’ll attach a state-of-the-art wheel sensor to each wheel, and then the computer will measure tolerances with laser light. Based on those readouts, we can then adjust the camber, caster, and toe to put your car back into alignment.

How Often Do I Need an Audi Wheel Alignment?

While you won’t need your Audi’s wheels aligned every few months, we do recommend once per year, particularly if you drive a good bit. The more you drive, and the rougher the roads you encounter, the more often you’ll need to have an alignment service.

Are you ready to get your Audi wheel alignment? Call us today at (954) 944-2779 or use our online scheduling tool to set your appointment. We look forward to seeing you and serving your needs!

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