Maintaining your BMW – The 5 Most Common Mechanical Issues

Maintaining your BMW

BMW is an automotive giant, but even this German powerhouse manufacturer has its hiccups. The good news is that many of the common issues with the brand can be prevented with regular car maintenance. The other common problems may need nothing more than awareness as to the potential issues that can arise. As the saying […]

BMW Engine Trouble Signs and Warnings: What Should I Look Out For?

BMW Steering Wheel

Having BMW problems? Need BMW service in Fort Lauderdale, or just want to make sure that your engine is in good condition? Only a BMW diagnostic can tell you exactly what’s wrong with your engine. But if you’re just looking to make sure that you don’t have a major engine problem, or want to know […]

Challenges With European Car Repairs

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There is something about the beauty of European cars that just makes them so admirable. While they are among the most beautiful vehicles available, some also present common problems. Here are a few challenges with European car repairs: Let’s dive right into common challenges when repairing European cars: Audi Audi is among the top car […]

5 Common Porsche Problems & Repairs

Are you in the market for a Porsche? If you’re finally thinking about buying your dream car then you are probably curious to know what common problems and repairs it may need. Our team at Euromotive Performance are here to share with you five common Porsche problems and repairs to let you know what you’re […]

Top 5 Common BMW Problems & Repairs

Don’t you wish that your BMW could not only look its best forever but run perfectly forever too? That’s a dream land because we all know that no matter what car you have, maintenance troubles will arise. While BMW has always maintained a high level of style, comfort, and performance, there are problems that are […]

4 Most Common Problems With Bentley Continental GT

Are you worried that your Bentley Continental GT has a problem that can’t be fixed? Chances are that your luxury car is experiencing a problem that is common with Bentley owners and our team at Euromotive Performance are here to help you find out what they are. Here are the four most common problems with […]