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We’re your trusted source for all of your Bentley factory schedule service needs, including helping you understand just what those needs are. These premium cars have unique service needs and schedules and as an owner, It’s up to you to mind them to give your car the best life possible. Fortunately, the team at Euromotive is here to help.

Here’s what you should know about factory scheduled maintenance and service for your Bentley vehicle.

Suggested Service Intervals

Bentley recommends service every 5,000 miles, or within the first year of ownership, and every 5,000 to 10,000 miles after, depending on the exact model and the driving habits of the owner. The vehicle’s electronic diagnostics will play a role in helping determine your exact maintenance schedule. However, as a general rule, Bentley recommends the following service:

5,000/10,000 Miles

  • Engine and oil filter replacement
  • Fluids check
  • Suspension and steering check
  • Exhaust inspection
  • Coolant inspection
  • Brake inspection
  • Transmission inspection
  • Air cleaner inspection
  • Lights and signals
  • Battery and electrical functions

15,000 Miles

  • All previous services
  • Rotate and inspect tires
  • Replace cabin air filter
  • Inspect parking brake
  • Check driveshaft and U-joints
  • Inspect all ball joints

20,000/25,000 Miles

  • All previous services from 5,000/10,000-mile service

30,000 Miles

  • All previous services
  • Inspect wheel ends
  • Inspect drive belt
  • Inspect heat shields
  • Replace fuel filter and air cleaner

After this, the routine maintenance schedules vary at 5,000-mile intervals, requiring different levels of all the previous services listed here. Of course, based on your model and driving habits, we can also work with you to create a custom service and maintenance schedule that works for your needs.

Bentley Factory Maintenance Considerations

Of course, bear in mind that just because you need factory-scheduled maintenance, you don’t have to take it to the dealer. You’ll actually spend too much doing that, and it’s really not necessary. Our certified, experienced technicians know all about Bentley’s lineup and can help you get the repairs and service that you need, including all of your factory scheduled service and maintenance. Be sure that you familiarize yourself with the intervals and get to know what’s expected over the lifespan of your Bentley.

Warranty Maintenance and Care

In several cases, people have a Bentley that is under warranty or subject to specific repair methods to ensure that they are kept to OEM standards. Fortunately, when you work with the trusted and experienced team at Euromotive, you can trust that you’re always getting the best repairs and that everything is done with the highest standards of quality in mind. We’ll never do work that puts your warranty at risk and if we’re concerned about anything, we’ll discuss it with you before we do any work.

We’re proud to help you keep your Bentley in premium shape with factory scheduled service and routine maintenance, along with any emergency or urgent repairs that you may need due to damage or wear over time. Plus, we can serve the greater Miami area right from our location in Hallandale, so call us now to schedule your appointment: (954) 944-2779

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