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Bentley Service and Repair- How to find the best shop.

Bentley Service and Repair

We all love our cars and we want to take the best care of them. It can be hard to find a good service center that you know you can trust with your baby (I mean Bentley). Below are three tips to help you find the best care for your Bentley.

  1. Visit a shop that specializes in your car. Sure, the guy down the street that does general maintenance may be cheap, but does he really know all the ins and out of your particular car? This is important. Not all cars are the same and they can’t all be serviced the same way. Here at Euromotive Performance, we specialize in Bentleys and we know exactly how to care for your one and only.
  2. Ask friends and family for recommendations. Especially if they have a similar car to yours. Word of mouth is the best way to know exactly how you’re going to be treated at the shop you choose. It can also be a great way to avoid someone who doesn’t know how to treat their customers and give them the best care for their money. If the local shop ripped your Aunt Suzie off because they knew she didn’t have much knowledge about cars and the shop knew they could get away with it, you need to know. And you need to avoid anyone who would do something like that.
  3. Check the Better Business Bureau. This is where you can find complaints about car shops that haven’t been visited by your friends and family, as mentioned above, but by the general public.  The Better Business Bureau can give you information on exactly which shops to avoid.

We’re sure that by following the steps above you’ll find a great shop that meets all your needs. Were also positive that after checking each of those, you’ll feel great about taking your Bentley to Euromotive Performance. Contact us today!



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