Common Porsche Repair Issues


Known for being the holy grail of sports cars, the Porsche is a classic beauty that still captures the heart of many drivers. However, if you ask other owners, they will tell you; “they love the Porsche because of its well known high-performance.” With its dynamic functionality and easy to control capabilities, it still isn’t […]

Common Issues with the BMW 3 Series

bmw 3 series repair

BMW 3 SERIES REPAIR The BMW car series has a well-earned reputation of being a high-performance luxury vehicle with dynamic driving and control, and the BMW 3 Series continues to preserve that reputation. However, they aren’t entirely perfect. Here are a few common repair issues with the BMW 3 Series: Coolant Leak Coolant leaks are […]

Why Do My Maserati Brakes Need Serviced?

maserati brakes fort lauderdale fl

At Euromotive, we’re no strangers to Maseratis. This impressive sports vehicle is a car lover’s dream: fast, fuel-efficient, and sporting a unique look that other models just can’t replicate. A Maserati is only as good as the maintenance you put into it, so regular inspections are a must. In particular, you should be paying attention […]

Why is my Maserati check engine light on?

maserati check engine light

There are few vehicles that quite match up to the Maserati: a luxury sports car with unparalleled power, style, and the most innovative technology. In order to keep this car in the best condition, regular service appointments are a must. This way, when problems arise, you’ll be able to get them fixed quickly. When your […]

The 5 Most Common Issues With the Bentley Continental GT

bentley continental gt repair

The Bentley reputation is hard earned. These are precision crafted vehicles that offer the utmost in luxury and performance. They can also be demanding vehicles to own. The highest levels of performance can only be maintained through a commitment to care and repair. These are five of the most common issues with the Bentley Continental […]

Mercedes Repair Issues? Here are the most common.

mercedes repair issues

Ah, Mercedes repair issues. If you own a Mercedes, you may think it’s the perfect car: built to last, fun to drive, and a variety of great models to choose from. Its reputation speaks for itself. Eventually, over hundreds of miles, even an impressive vehicle like a Mercedes-Benz needs a tune-up. We service many Mercedes […]

The Best Place for Mercedes Repair

Looking for the best Mercedes repair? When you buy a Mercedes, you’re investing a stylish, bold, and one-of-a-kind luxury vehicle. You want to keep it running in top condition for as many years as possible, and this requires diligent upkeep and repairs. Even an elite car such as a Mercedes is not immune to problems […]

Best Auto Repair Fort Lauderdale

best auto repair fort ;lauderdale

Looking for the best auto repair Fort Lauderdale has to offer? I usually don’t bother leaving online reviews, but I just had to share my experience with the guys at Europerformance. First off, I don’t drive just any car: I drive a Ferrari. I’ve been a car lover since I was little kid, and my […]

BMW SERVICE – Why it’s so important

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BMW Service Since at least 1952 BMW has made waves due to its high-quality standards. BMWs are known for being a luxury car well-suited for those that truly care about the type of car they drive. But many people don’t know that getting their BMW routinely serviced is the first step towards keeping it performing […]


land rover repair

When you fork over big bucks for your luxury vehicle, you expect it to be completely free of any problems. Unfortunately, there are a few common issues with the Land Rover. With this vehicle, you’ll have to learn to expect the unexpected. Below is a list of things to watch for while driving your Land […]