Maintaining your BMW – The 5 Most Common Mechanical Issues

Maintaining your BMW

BMW is an automotive giant, but even this German powerhouse manufacturer has its hiccups. The good news is that many of the common issues with the brand can be prevented with regular car maintenance. The other common problems may need nothing more than awareness as to the potential issues that can arise. As the saying […]

Subaru Repair Services and Maintenance in Fort Lauderdale

Euromotive Performance – Fort Lauderdale’s Leading Provider of Subaru Service, Maintenance, and Repairs Schedule Service In need of Subaru auto repair, maintenance, or service? Let Miami and Fort Lauderdale’s leading Subaru service specialists handle all of your needs. From brakes and oil changes to more in-depth repairs, we take care of your entire car. Call […]

Ceramic Coating Near Miami, Fort Lauderdale

Ceramic Coating Near Miami, Fort Lauderdale Schedule Service Are you considering ceramic coating for your vehicle? You may have heard that it can preserve the paint better than polishing and waxing and without all the work. So if you want your car to look outstanding at all times and regular maintenance isn’t working, our ceramic […]

When do spark plugs need to be replaced?

If your car starts well and runs smoothly, it means that you’ve maintained it well. It also means that the spark plugs in your engine are working. Spark plugs have been a vital part of a gasoline engine since its invention. What do they do? They ignite the air-fuel mixture in the cylinders. Why do […]

Safety Guide – How to Prevent Car Break-Ins

car theft

According to facts and information from the Insurance Information Institute, “there is at least one motor vehicle break-in every 40.6 seconds in the United States.” In fact, since the downward trend in auto theft and car break-ins, thieves still look for ways to target vehicles. Despite upgraded technology like pods and anti-theft technology to prevent car break-ins, […]

Why is my Maserati check engine light on?

maserati check engine light

There are few vehicles that quite match up to the Maserati: a luxury sports car with unparalleled power, style, and the most innovative technology. In order to keep this car in the best condition, regular service appointments are a must. This way, when problems arise, you’ll be able to get them fixed quickly. When your […]

Why and When Should I Change My BMW’s Brake Fluid?

If you own a BMW, you probably already understand that routine maintenance is crucial to help maintain the value and performance of your car. But when it comes to brake fluid, most people have no idea when or why it needs to be changed. It’s easy to ignore this necessity, and habit might have a […]