land rover repair

When you fork over big bucks for your luxury vehicle, you expect it to be completely free of any problems. Unfortunately, there are a few common issues with the Land Rover. With this vehicle, you’ll have to learn to expect the unexpected. Below is a list of things to watch for while driving your Land […]

Audi Oil Change : Everything You Should Know


Looking for an Audi oil change? Read this first. Luxury car owners understand the importance of quality. Owning a luxury car means having a vehicle that is a pleasure to drive, no matter how far you are driving. Routine maintenance is a vital part of maintaining that quality and luxury; even something as simple as […]

Common Porsche Repair Issues


Known for being the holy grail of sports cars, the Porsche is a classic beauty that still captures the heart of many drivers. However, if you ask other owners, they will tell you; “they love the Porsche because of its well known high-performance.” With its dynamic functionality and easy to control capabilities, it still isn’t […]

Bentley Service and Repair- How to find the best shop.

Bentley Service and Repair

We all love our cars and we want to take the best care of them. It can be hard to find a good service center that you know you can trust with your baby (I mean Bentley). Below are three tips to help you find the best care for your Bentley. Visit a shop that […]

Best Auto Repair Fort Lauderdale

best auto repair fort ;lauderdale

Looking for the best auto repair Fort Lauderdale has to offer? I usually don’t bother leaving online reviews, but I just had to share my experience with the guys at Europerformance. First off, I don’t drive just any car: I drive a Ferrari. I’ve been a car lover since I was little kid, and my […]

The 5 Most Common Issues With the Bentley Continental GT

bentley continental gt repair

The Bentley reputation is hard earned. These are precision crafted vehicles that offer the utmost in luxury and performance. They can also be demanding vehicles to own. The highest levels of performance can only be maintained through a commitment to care and repair. These are five of the most common issues with the Bentley Continental […]

How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

There are an awful lot of myths surrounded how often you should change the oil in your vehicle. Oil changes are essential for maintaining your vehicle. Without consistent oil changes, you are doing more damage than you may realize to your engine and vital systems in your vehicle. But there is no real “one size […]

When Do I Change My Tires?

when should I change tires

  The truth is, your tires are the lifeline of your vehicle. It’s safe to say, without tires, your car is left inoperable. In fact, your tires are responsible for a lot of car functions including acceleration, braking, and the handling of your vehicle. Visually checking your tires is essentially one way of determining if […]