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In South Florida, air conditioning in your car is not optional. It’s a requirement. That makes it doubly troublesome when your Land Rover’s air conditioning goes on the fritz. The good news is that the team at Euromotive can troubleshoot your situation and help keep you from getting any hotter under the collar.

The Need for Land Rover Air Condition Services

In a normal situation, you’ll crank your car and turn on the air conditioner. If you have a newer Land Rover, you probably just hit the “auto” button and the system automatically starts cooling to your preset temperature. If you have an older model, you’ll have a few more steps to take, but the result is usually the same – cool, delightful air starts to blow from the vents.

However, what if that air just isn’t quite cool enough? What if it’s only a little cool or even warm? If your air isn’t blowing as cold as it usually does, it’s time for Land Rover air condition services from a European import expert.

When you bring your vehicle to us in Fort Lauderdale with this issue, the first thing we’ll do is test the temperature of the air at the vent. That will tell us whether the air conditioner is doing its job or not. From there, we’ll troubleshoot further to fix the problem and help you keep your cool.

Other Problems with Air Conditioning

The most common problem we see here at Euromotive is the complaint that the air conditioner is not blowing as cold as usual. However, we do see other complaints, including:

  • Air isn’t blowing at all
  • Air gets cool but not cold
  • Air smells bad
  • The air conditioner makes loud noises during operation

Just as there are many different complaints surrounding vehicle air conditioners, there are also many different potential reasons to need Land Rover air condition services. For instance, if you have a foul smell when you turn on the air conditioner, it’s a sign that there’s mold/mildew that is becoming problematic. If your air gets cool but not cold, it’s a sign that your refrigerant level might be low. If no air blows at all when you turn on the system, it is most likely an electrical problem with the blower motor.

Your specific symptoms will determine the steps we take to diagnose the problem. For instance, if your system could be leaking refrigerant, we’ll conduct a dye test that will show precisely where the leak is so we can repair it. If your system is just low on refrigerant, we’ll perform an evac/recharge (after testing for leaks).

Whatever the situation, our expert technicians will dig deep and provide an accurate diagnosis. Once we determine the problem, we’ll discuss it with you as well as any possible repairs. Our goal is to always keep you informed about the situation so you can make informed decisions regarding your automotive maintenance.

If your air isn’t cooling, it’s time to take action. Call Euromotive today at (954) 944-2779 to schedule your appointment. You can also make an appointment online with our convenient scheduler.

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