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Land Rover Check Engine Light Diagnostic Near Miami, Fort Lauderdale, FL

There is nothing quite like the sinking feeling you get in your gut when you’re driving along in your Land Rover and suddenly the check engine light comes on. It might be accompanied by abnormal behavior – your engine might sputter – but it might not be accompanied by any sign that something’s wrong. Whatever the case, it’s time for a Land Rover check engine light diagnostic in Fort Lauderdale.

What’s the Check Engine Light?

The check engine line, more appropriately called the malfunction indicator lamp, or MIL, is located on the dashboard. It turns on when the car’s computer notices a repeated malfunction or incorrect operation in one of the vehicle’s systems. It’s an indicator to tell the driver that there’s something wrong and the vehicle needs to be inspected.

How Does a Land Rover Check Engine Light Diagnostic Work?

At Euromotive, we use advanced automotive diagnostic tools to quickly get to the root of the problem. We’ll connect a state-of-the-art scanner to your vehicle’s OBDII connector and then communicate with the car’s computer. This gives us access to a vast range of data, including stored malfunction codes. The technician will check all current codes, as well as history codes that might give clues about the current malfunction and any situations that might have led to it.

Common Reasons for a Check Engine Light

While our team has seen a very wide range of reasons for a check engine light to come on, we do see a few more often than others. The most common reasons for a Land Rover check engine light diagnostic can be found below:

  • Loose or Missing Gas Cap: If your gas cap is loose or missing, your check engine light will come on. This is because the cap is necessary for the evaporative control system to function properly. If the tank is not properly sealed, the system cannot pressurize properly. The check engine light turns on to indicate a problem.
  • EGR Valve: Another common reason for check engine lights to come on is a failed or failing exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve. These are located on the engine and are responsible for diverting unburned gasoline fumes from the exhaust gas back through the engine for a second round of combustion.
  • Oxygen Sensor: Oxygen sensors play important roles in your exhaust and fuel system. However, over time and exposure to high levels of heat, they can fail. You may notice erratic engine operation, but that’s not always the case. In all situations, the check engine light will turn on.

If your check engine light is on, it’s time to have things inspected. The Euromotive team can offer an advanced Land Rover check engine light diagnostic service to determine the problem, fix it, and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

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