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Before launching the Italian luxury automaker Maserati in 1914, the Maserati brothers Ernesto, Ettore, Carlo, Bindo, and Alfieri developed their expertise by building Grand Prix race cars for Diatto. When Diatto discontinued its race car line, the brothers decided to begin designing cars of their own. The rest is history.

It’s our deepest joy here at Euromotive Performance in Southern Florida, to service your Maserati. Driving a Maserati is a unique experience – so servicing one should be just as unique. It takes a delicate match of expertise and finely attuned skill to do the necessary service and repair work on your Maserati so that it may continue to run safely at its optimal performance. We at Euromotive Performance promise to provide you with this exact kind of service.

In addition to this, every Maserati service includes a 50 point inspection. We at Euromotive Performance aren’t just concerned about the short-term. This inspection allows us to resolve potential issues to save yourself the hassles of dealing with repair work in the long run.

Maserati Repair, Services & Maintenance

We keep your Maserati in top condition by offering the exact services that the dealership offers, at a fraction of the cost.

The Schedule for Maserati Service and Repair near Fort Lauderdale, FL

Your Maserati is a powerful, precision-engineered machine. It’s the embodiment of understated luxury. However, it will need some specific TLC over time. At Euromotive, we work to ensure that your vehicle is properly cared for throughout its life. Understanding the schedule of services is an important step in that direction.

Every Year or 12,000 Miles

Every year or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first, you will need a basic service. This includes draining and replacing your engine oil, as well as replacing the oil filter. A diagnostic scan will be run to check for any codes stored in the car’s computer. In addition to those, a full inspection should be conducted. Note that Maserati only requires a minimum number of items to be checked. At Euromotive, we believe in exceeding your expectations, so we provide a 50-point inspection at every service (including basic oil changes).

25,000 Miles/2 Years

When your car hits the 25,000-mile mark, it will be time for a full brake system flush and refill. If the pads are worn, they should be replaced, too. The calipers should be inspected and machined/turned if necessary. Your car’s cabin filter will also need to be replaced at this time. Note that these are in addition to the oil change and other checks performed at the 12,000-mile mark.

37,500 Miles/3 Years

You’ll need to have your spark plugs replaced here, plus your oil and filter will need to be changed.

50,000 Miles/4 years

At 50,000 miles (or 4 years), you’ll need your engine belts replaced. The engine air filters will also need to be replaced if they have not been already.

Constant Vigilance

Maserati is recognized for its power, performance, and efficiency. However, we understand that things can go wrong for no apparent reason – gaskets can fail, lines can begin leaking, and accidents can happen. We watch over your vehicle and notify you of anything out of the ordinary so you can make an informed decision.

Beyond Scheduled Services

At Euromotive, we understand the need for solutions that go beyond scheduled Maserati service and repair in Fort Lauderdale. Many of the service items listed above are contingent on driving conditions, driving habits, climate, and other factors. We work with you to ensure that you’re receiving the right service at the right time, even if the factory’s schedule does not list it at that time.

With our long-standing experience in Maserati service and repairs in the Southern Florida region, you can rest assured that your vehicle is in capable hands. Euromotive Performance has a reputation for having a close attention for detail and for going out of our way to meet our customers’ needs. Is it worth sending your valuable Maserati into the hands of any other service station that offers you any less than this?

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