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Your vehicle’s suspension is responsible for the quality of your ride, but also plays a role in handling, ride height, and so much more. Mercedes introduced an air suspension system several years back that was designed to help owners adjust their suspension to varying needs and demands. While it worked very well, you will eventually need Mercedes Benz air suspension repair in Fort Lauderdale.

The Role of Your Suspension

Your car’s suspension is integral to many things – the quality of your ride, for one. A firmer suspension offers better on-road performance and handling, while a softer suspension provides better comfort and smoothness. Your Mercedes air suspension can be adjusted higher or lower, firmer or softer, allowing you to adjust it for more comfort, better on-road performance, higher ground clearance, and other factors.

It does this by using a compressor to pump air through lines to airbags and air shocks on your vehicle. Many components of your air suspension system are made from rubber for them to expand and contract. The problem is that over time, these components will wear out and eventually need replacement.

Damage to one component, such as a strut airbag, can also put additional stress on your compressor. For instance, if an airbag develops a hole, your compressor will run continuously trying to fill the bag with air to the proper level. That can damage the compressor, causing the entire system to fail.

Symptoms of a Failing Air Suspension System

Over time and through normal use, all types of suspensions will ultimately need repairs or replacements. However, air suspensions differ from conventional systems and will need different steps. They also present with a few different symptoms.

Understanding these symptoms will help you decide whether you need to pay a visit to Euromotive’s Fort Lauderdale area service center. Some of the most common symptoms to watch for that might indicate your air suspension system is ailing include the following:

  • You notice the compressor running much more often than usual.
  • You notice that the car is sitting lower than usual.
  • You notice that the air suspension cannot be adjusted.
  • You notice that the car is sitting low over one or more wheels.
  • You notice that the car is sagging in the front or rear.
  • You receive an AIRMATIC warning on the dash.

If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s time to consider Mercedes Benz air suspension repair in Fort Lauderdale. Euromotive is South Florida’s leading specialist in European imports, and we can troubleshoot and repair your air suspension system to get it back into perfect condition.

We can quickly diagnose the problem(s) with your air suspension system and start repairs. We also carry most parts in stock, so repairs are swift. We only use OEM parts, too, so you never need to worry about compatibility or fit and function. Go ahead and call today and schedule your appointment. You can reach us at (954) 944-2779. You can also schedule your appointment online if you prefer.

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