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For luxury goods investors, high-end art sales tend to grab the biggest headlines. But with automobiles once again racing into the No. 1 slot among best-performing collectibles last year, some have questioned whether the industry will be able to repeat its success 2016.

Image of a car in the prestigious car condo in Miami.

By Auto World News

There is a $350,000 luxury condo building in Miami, Florida. However, the building is allegedly dedicated to luxury cars and not people. Is this the world's most expensive parking space?

Investing in a luxury car can be one of life’s greatest pleasures. From the comfort, performance and style that a high-end vehicle offers, owners are willing to pay a large price tag to drive in class. The joys of driving a luxury car come with the responsibility of proper maintenance to ensure that the car will stay in tiptop shape aesthetically and performance wise.From proper interior cleaning to routine engine maintenance, making sure that your vehicle is properly taken care of is crucial. Here are some tips for keeping your luxury car clean and running at top performance.

Perhaps the most popular German Luxury brands in the Automobile Industry, BMW and Mercedes will continue to lead the industry in most categories.  But when it comes to a person that has never own one, they usually face the question right before they make their choice:  What brand am I more identified with BMW or MERCEDES?

Luxury Car InteriorMost people dream buying a luxury car at some point in their lives. Some crave the smooth ride that such vehicles offer. The prestige that goes with driving them cannot be compared to anything, they think. Still others desire the luxury of the interior details, designed to guarantee comfort and a unique driving experience. They are convinced that state-of-the-art technology is only found in such cars. They have sweet moments thinking about the torque and strength that the hundreds of Horse Power engines produce.

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