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The specialists at Euromotive Performance know what it takes to maintain and repair top-quality vehicles from Porsche. We will keep your Porsche, no matter what the model, in top condition, ensuring safe driving and smooth performance. Bring your Porsche to our certified facility and you’ll get fantastic service, routine maintenance, and advanced repairs on complex components like Oil, Brakes, Porsche engines, transmissions, suspension systems, wheels, tires, and more.

Porsche is one of the most legendary and iconic brands in performance cars. Created in 1931 by automotive designer and innovator Ferdinand Porsche, the German automaker actually rose to fame when he produced the Volkswagen Beetle, which is arguable the most recognizable and famous design in automotive history.

Ferdinand Porsche eventually created his own vehicle, the Porsche 365, a car that is largely considered by fans of the brand to be the first true Porsche vehicle. Since creating the 365, the brand has gone on to create world-famous vehicles, renowned for their performance, style, comfort, and advanced technology.

You purchased a Porsche because you demand outstanding performance from your vehicles. If you are experiencing any issues with acceleration or idling, bring your vehicle to us for an accurate diagnosis and reliable engine repair. We use the most advanced technology to ensure outstanding performance from your Porsche car or SUV.

Porsche cars use some of the most complex and highly-tuned transmissions in the automotive industry. If you are having any issues with acceleration, such as clunky shifts or hesitations in acceleration, bring it to our facility and we’ll conduct an accurate and detailed transmission repair.

Porsche cars are meticulously-built machines that require the highest level of care. With routine maintenance from the specialists at Euromotive Performance, your Porsche sports car will accelerate and handle exactly as it’s supposed to. We’ll also deliver superior brake repair, keeping your vehicle running in the safest possible condition.

The streets of Broward, Ft Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Miami demand performance, handling, and style, so make sure your Porsche is running right by bringing it to our state-of-the-art facility!

Automotive maintenance is crucial to the performance of high-caliber vehicles like Porsche. When you bring your pride and joy to our facility, we will perform a 50-point inspection that is specialized to high-end performance cars. Any possible problems are found, diagnosed, and resolved, all before they become a serious issue.

Porsche Service and Repair near Fort Lauderdale, FL for the Discerning Driver

Whether you drive a Cayenne, a 911, a Panamera, Taycan, or a different model, it’s critical to work with a specialist that understands your car. At Euromotive, our specially-trained technicians understand the precision required to service and repair Porsche vehicles and bring an unparalleled level of professionalism to all that we do. We’re proud to offer a wide range of options when it comes to Porsche service and repair in Fort Lauderdale, as well.

Regular Maintenance

While your Porsche is a high-performance machine, it still needs regular TLC to remain in peak condition. We provide a full range of regular maintenance, including the following:

Oil and Filter Changes: Keep your engine in peak condition with regular oil and filter changes using the right weight and grade of oil for your vehicle.

Tire Care: Over time, tires suffer from wear and tear. Regularly rotating (front to back or side to side depending on the model) helps preserve tread and prevent scalloping and other problems.

Filters: From your engine air filter to the cabin filters, these components play vital roles in performance and even comfort. (Note that cabin filters may only need to be changed periodically depending on driving conditions and air quality).

Safety Service and Repairs

In addition to regular maintenance, we also provide a range of safety-related options in Porsche service and repair for Fort Lauderdale-area customers. Your brake system is perhaps the most obvious example – over time, brake pads wear down and rotors can become warped. We use Porsche-specific replacement pads and turn your rotors to restore them and provide smooth, powerful braking.

We can also provide full brake system services, from flushes to caliper, brake line, and master cylinder replacement. Our goal is always to keep you safe while on the road.

Additional Services

When it comes to Porsche service and repair, Fort Lauderdale customers can also depend on Euromotive for additional help. Porsche recommends having major services performed at specific intervals, including transmission service, differential service, body and sunroof drain cleaning and inspection, coolant service, spark plug replacement, and more.

Don’t see the service you need listed? Contact us for more information about our service capabilities.

We work with you to ensure that your vehicle receives the right service at the right time. That keeps your Porsche in top condition, so you can handle anything the road might throw your way.

If you live in Broward, Ft. Lauderdale,  West Palm Beach, Aventura, Davie, Plantation, or any city in the Miami, FL area, you can get outstanding Porsche service from the specialists at Euromotive Performance. We are your dealership alternative, providing superior service and outstanding prices, every time you drop by!

We share your passion for superior driving, so let us care for your Porsche like we care for our own performance vehicles!

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