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Safety Guide – How to Prevent Car Break-In

According to facts and information from the Insurance Information Institute, “there is at least one motor vehicle break-in every 40.6 seconds in the United States.” In fact, since the downward trend in auto theft and car break-ins, thieves still look for ways to target vehicles. Despite upgraded technology like pods and anti-theft technology to prevent car break-ins, car theft still averages at 267.6 per 100,000 people in the U.S. A considerable amount of auto theft and car break-ins can be avoided with a few notable safety tips says, insurance experts. The following guide discusses how you can avoid a car break-in by protecting yourself against thieves.

 5 Tips To Prevent A Car Break-In 

Keep Track Of Your Keys 

As of 2016, (229,339) car theft was at an all time high as a result of individuals leaving their keys in the car. This is one of the most practical tips used to avoid preventing an auto break-in. Never leave a spare set of keys in your vehicle or running idle with the keys inside. Leave a spare set of keys with someone you can trust or under a flower pot at your home or apartment.

Avoid Enticing A Criminal 

Most criminals look for an easy target. Avoid leaving valuables in your vehicle exposed to thieves. For example, hide your GPS, cords used for these types of devices, backpacks, etc. The biggest reason many thieves target a vehicle is for your valuables.

Secure Your Vehicle 

Secure your car from a break-in by adding an alarm system and advertise it on the windshield. Place a sticker on your car that states your car is secured with an alarm system. Add window tint to shield your vehicle contents from the eyes of intruders or people passing by your car.

Park In A Well Lit Area  

Parking in a well lit area will deter criminals from targeting your vehicle. For example, park under the street lights in your neighborhood or a well lit are in the parking deck of your apartments. If your car is parked in a driveway, ensure that you have a lot of lights around your vehicle. More importantly, if you have a garage, always park your car in the garage.

Avoid An Expensive Radio 

Many thieves will target your car because of your car radio. An inexpensive radio can attract the attention of a car burglar. Car vehicle owners should always use the factory radio that comes with their car or buy one that allows you to disable the face to avoid a car break-in.

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