Airbag Malfunction

Everyone wants a safe car, especially a luxury vehicle. But, the Land Rover has been known for malfunctioning airbags and this can be a big hazard. In fact, in 2014, Land Rover even recalled several model due to airbag malfunction.

Sunroof Leaks

Land Rover customers have reported a high instance of sunroof leafs or rainwater dripping through the roof. Unfortunately, this seems to happen in even the newer models and is caused by a simple design flaw– pinched drains.

Suspension Problems

Suspension affects the ride in your Land Rover. A newer Land Rover will ride smooth and easy over the road, but give it a few years and the suspension can start to sag

Issues With Steering Shaft

The steering shaft is what connects the steering wheel to the parts under the car that help steer. Steering shaft problems will cause noises when turning your Land Rover, usually at slower speeds

Oil Leaks

Land Rovers are known for leaking oil, even the newer vehicles. This can be caused by several issues, so it should be checked out by a professional if you notice any leaking.

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