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The Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Take Your BMW To An Independent BMW Repair Shop

To save money and get better service, it’s usually best to find a local, independent BMW performance shop. Why? Here are just a few reasons!
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Need BMW service in Fort Lauderdale? You may be thinking about taking your precious Beemer into the dealership. But doing so isn’t always the best idea! Dealerships – particularly for luxury cars – tend to upcharge you quite a bit for routine service, maintenance, and more.

To save money and get better service, it’s usually best to find a local, independent BMW performance shop. Why? Here are just a few reasons!

1. You’ll Save On Parts And Labor

First, you’ll save on both parts and labor. Most dealers charge a ridiculous rate for both parts and labor. This is especially common among dealerships that service high-end cars like BMWs, Audi, and other such performance or luxury brands. You may end up paying $800 for an alternator that costs $400 directly from the manufacturer – or paying $200/hour or more for labor.

At an independent BMW repair shop, you will pay a much more reasonable rate for both parts and labor. A small parts markup is common for mechanics, who need to turn a profit somehow – but at smaller shops, this is usually only a 10-25% surcharge.

In addition, most independent shops charge somewhere between $80-$125 per hour for labor, which is much lower than a dealer.

2. No, You Won’t Void Your Warranty

This is the oldest trick in the book for dealerships. Need a BMW diagnostic or service for BMW oil leak? Need your oil changed?  You’d better go to the dealer, or you’ll void your warranty, right? Wrong.

According to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, you are allowed to take your car anywhere you want for routine service, maintenance, and repairs, and it’s illegal for a dealer to deny a warranty claim because your car has been serviced by a third party. As long as you care for your car with proper maintenance and oil changes, you don’t have to worry about any warranty issues.

3. You’ll Get To Know The Mechanics Who Work On Your Car

This is another great benefit. At a large BMW dealership, chances are you’ll never even meet the same service advisor twice – let alone the folks who are actually working on your car. This means your experience is going to be impersonal and you’ll never get to build a relationship with the people who are actually working on your car.

This is not the case with a smaller BMW performance shop and mechanic. Your mechanic will get to know you and your vehicle – and by building a relationship with them, you’ll be able to get better service, and you may even get a discount or special rate on your next repair, in some cases!

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At Euromotive Performance, we specialize in fixing and diagnosing BMW problems of all kinds – and we offer affordable, reasonable, and friendly service for BMWs and other European luxury and performance cars.

You can trust us to take care of your vehicle, and get you back on the road – without charging you an arm and a leg for service. Contact us today if you have more questions, or schedule an appointment for BMW service in Fort Lauderdale online right away. We’ll see you soon!


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