Why You Should Run Your AC In Winter Too

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While you rely on your car’s air conditioning to keep you cool and comfortable out on the road during the brutal summers, common practice would suggest you give it a rest for the winter months. It’s easy to think that running the AC when the temperatures are freezing is a bad idea but it’s actually not that cut and dry a situation. There are multiple benefits in running your AC during the winter too so before you decide to shut it off for months consider these benefits for your car.

Helps The Air Conditioning Compressor

Your car’s AC compressor doesn’t just cool air down before it passes through your car, you can use the compressor while controlling the heat setting of the car. Using the compressor will dehumidify the air, reduce fogged up windows and running the AC will also help clear up any window condensation.

Maintains The AC System

Running the AC during winter will also help keep all of the cooling system components from deteriorating. It will reduce the loss of refrigerant, which can happen when the AC is not used for any extended period of time. It is also recommended that if you don’t run the AC during the winter then at least try to run it for 30 minutes or so once a week in order to keep the system active and the fluids flowing through your air conditioner compressor.

Reduces Air Conditioner Problems

While you may not be using the air conditioner for its’ cooling in the winter, running it will still help you find major issues. If you don’t run the AC at all during the winter there is a chance you will miss problems with the system that won’t be noticed until the hotter months when it’s already too late. If you let an issue go unnoticed or unresolved it could lead to major inconveniences come the summer when you need your air conditioner to be functioning properly.

Prevents Refrigerant Leaks

Without the air conditioner on, refrigerant and oil can’t flow through the cooling system that in turn can damage the seals and hoses in the system. The rubber hoses and seals become dry and brittle without the lubrication from the fluids and when that happens you can end up with a refrigerant leak and a non-cooling air conditioner.

It’s Not As Cold As It Sounds

Running your air conditioner on full blast in the dead of winter probably sounds crazy but that is not what you need to do to keep the system functioning properly. Instead you can simply just turn the AC on for a few minutes once every few weeks, this is more than enough time to circulate through the system and prevent anything from drying out.

Sometimes The Parts Just Can’t Work Any Longer

While running the AC will help keep the components of your cooling system working properly it doesn’t mean that everything will be in perfect condition. The rubber seals and hoses will still eventually wear out and crack over time and should be checked periodically during service inspections. Replacement parts are relatively inexpensive and will help prevent further complications throughout the entire cooling system.

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Year Round AC Service

Most Floridians know that there is not much of a winter season to speak of throughout the area but that doesn’t mean your car won’t benefit from the proper service. If you notice your air conditioner not functioning properly or think it’s time for an inspection or replacement parts in the cooling system then call on the experts at Euromotive Performance. For years our experienced mechanics have been providing comprehensive service and repair work to drivers all throughout Hallandale Beach and the surrounding areas. We specialize in European-made vehicle maintenance and are the #1 rated European service center in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale areas. This means that whether your issue is with the cooling system not working or something else, our staff of specialists will make sure it gets diagnosed and fixed quickly.

Routine maintenance is the best way to prevent future car problems but even that is only as effective as the technicians providing it. Instead of battling a hot summer with no AC in your vehicle schedule an appointment with Euromotive Performance today to make sure your car gets the proper winter treatments it needs to continue performing well all year long.


8 Responses

  1. Great information. I live in the White Mountains of NH. Thank you for the heads up on this.

  2. Good information to know, I never knew that you should run the air conditioner in the winter.

  3. Thank You So Much!! That is the best information Ive heard and learned,I will defiantly do it and pass it on!!!

  4. Yes, absolutely! The same goes for the vehicles heater core. Run your heater in the summer once or twice a month to keep all those components functioning properly, especially the heater core valve which allows coolant to circulate to the heater core, a small radiator that’s located on the passenger side of your vehicle behind your feet. In a way the ac and heater work together when NEEDED…..

  5. Never even heard of this. Thanks for the advice.My dad showed us how to maintain our cars,even us girls.People are shocked when they see me working on my car.
    Anyway great tip. Doing it right now.

  6. This was a very good article. Never thought of running a AC unit in the winter would help. Thanks for the article.

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