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4-Wheel Alignment Service

Euromotive Performance is your go-to shop for service and laser alignment. Our machine will give your car the most accurate reading on the market. Increasing the precision of your vehicle, in turn making it last longer. We would recommend 6 month checkups to ensure the efficiency of your car, especially if it’s an exotic or fast car.

During your alignment, our ASE certified team will use the latest and greatest in technology to measure the camber, caster, and toe. With these measurements, our specialists can adjust those angles, as needed to get the very best reading. This will ensure your vehicle a smooth ride, longer-lasting tires, and better fuel efficiency. Additional to your alignment, we inspect the front and rear steering/suspension components, as well as fill up tires to optimal pressure. 

Don’t be fooled by our competitor’s alignment machines, bring your car to Euromotive Performance.

When your car isn’t properly aligned, you will have excessive tire wear, vibrations in your steering wheel, and lower fuel efficiency. When you let go of your steering wheel on a flat, straight road it should continue straight for 5-10 seconds before pulling to the left or right. When your car is pulling too much, that is the main sign of the need for an alignment. For example: if you let go of the steering wheel on a flat road and immediately it pulls to a side, this means you need to head over to Euromotive Performance.

Our team is looking forward to seeing you soon.

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