Audi Oil Change : Everything You Should Know


Looking for an Audi oil change? Read this first. Luxury car owners understand the importance of quality. Owning a luxury car means having a vehicle that is a pleasure to drive, no matter how far you are driving. Routine maintenance is a vital part of maintaining that quality and luxury; even something as simple as […]

6 Must Do New Year’s Resolutions For Your Car in 2020

Happy New Year! We’ve all probably made some changes recently and vowed to get healthier, walk more, eat locally and so on and so forth. But have you ever made a resolution when it comes to caring for your car? No? You’re not alone…35% of Americans and up to 75% of millennials ignore preventive maintenance […]

When do spark plugs need to be replaced?

If your car starts well and runs smoothly, it means that you’ve maintained it well. It also means that the spark plugs in your engine are working. Spark plugs have been a vital part of a gasoline engine since its invention. What do they do? They ignite the air-fuel mixture in the cylinders.   Why […]

How to Not Get Ripped Off by Your Auto Mechanic

auto mechanic south florida

Even if it doesn’t come with 470 HP and Wi-Fi connectivity, your car is the biggest and most expensive gadget you own. And unless you trade your vehicle in as often as your MacBook, keeping that ride in peak operating condition is absolutely vital to keeping repair costs down over its lifespan. That’s not to say […]

When to Replace Your Shocks and Struts

shocks and struts

When should you change your shocks and struts? The shocks and struts of your air suspension system are integral parts responsible for keeping your vehicle balanced and connected to the road when driving. Shocks and struts are reliable air suspension parts, but they’ll need to be replaced with time. Replacing damaged shocks and struts regularly […]

When Do I Change My Tires?

when should I change tires

  The truth is, your tires are the lifeline of your vehicle. It’s safe to say, without tires, your car is left inoperable. In fact, your tires are responsible for a lot of car functions including acceleration, braking, and the handling of your vehicle. Visually checking your tires is essentially one way of determining if […]

How Often Should I Service My Vehicle?

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AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE How often should you address your automotive service? Whether your car is brand new or has seen more than a few miles, regular servicing is something that should be top of mind.  We have provided some tips and considerations below, but if you have questions about your vehicle, Euromotive Performance Service Center in […]

How to Choose the Right Car Insurance

car insurance

Insurance is required for all car owners, but some insurance providers are better than others. Many people buy their insurance shortly after their first car purchase and don’t even read through their policies. To cut your premiums and maximize your savings, it’s best to shop around and find the right insurance for you. Here are […]

Safety Guide – How to Prevent Car Break-Ins

car theft

According to facts and information from the Insurance Information Institute, “there is at least one motor vehicle break-in every 40.6 seconds in the United States.” In fact, since the downward trend in auto theft and car break-ins, thieves still look for ways to target vehicles. Despite upgraded technology like pods and anti-theft technology to prevent car break-ins, […]

How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

There are an awful lot of myths surrounded how often you should change the oil in your vehicle. Oil changes are essential for maintaining your vehicle. Without consistent oil changes, you are doing more damage than you may realize to your engine and vital systems in your vehicle. But there is no real “one size […]