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You can always count on the BMW M4 to be a favorite among aftermarket tuners, and as long as the car is around, you can expect more tuning companies to dive into their bag of tricks to build new programs for the sports coupe. Some, like Carbonfiber Dynamics, have even built multiple programs for the M4. I mentioned CarbonFiber Dynamics because it’s got an updated version of the M4R program for the high-performance coupe, one that builds from its own previous work back in February 2016 with plenty of new additions, including a more powerful net output of 700 horsepower and 634 pound-feet of torque.

The extra power is the highlight of this new kit, but it’s far from the only one. It also received some new body wraps in the iconic colors of BMW’s own M Division. There’s also a new aerodynamic kit that’s in tune with the M4’s performance characteristics. Oh, and let’s not forget about the upgrades on the car’s exhaust, suspension, and brakes. They’re far from sexy additions to the M4, but with the massive engine upgrade anchoring the whole program, these auxiliary modifications serve important purposes themselves.

You can tell by how CarbonFiber Dynamics approached this program that the tuner wasn’t just content on offering something different from what it developed earlier this year. Nope. This one is better in a lot of ways and the results speak for themselves.

Take it what it’s worth, but just so you know, this new program for Carbonfiber Dynamics is arguably one of the most comprehensive aftermarket takes we’ve seen for the BMW M4 since the coupe arrived in 2014 to warm our hearts and break our piggy banks.



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