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Audi Oil Change : Everything You Should Know


Everything You Should Know About Audi Oil Change

Looking for an Audi oil change? Read this first.

Luxury car owners understand the importance of quality. Owning a luxury car means having a vehicle that is a pleasure to drive, no matter how far you are driving. Routine maintenance is a vital part of maintaining that quality and luxury; even something as simple as an oil change can make all the difference. Knowing how often the oil should be changed and what kind of oil to use can make the difference between a good car experience and a nightmare.

How Often to Change the Oil

No car engine can run without oil. Oil works as a lubricant to keep all the engine parts running smoothly without generating friction or heat. As we all know, the friction causes wear and damage that can be detrimental to an engine. Old oil can also cause the formation of harmful deposits that can damage your engine. Clean oil can work to its fullest potential, keeping your engine purring. Always look in your owners’ manual to learn how often you should change your oil to ensure premium engine function. If you do not have your manual on hand, or if you are looking for a general rule, Audi recommends changing your oil every 10,000 miles or every 12 months. Some models do require oil changes sooner, in the 5,000 to the 6,000-mile range, so it is best to research the specific model. With that in mind, if you are using synthetic oil, 10,000 miles should be fine.

What Oil to Use

The best type of oil to use varies between models, just like how often it should be changed. You can always check your owner’s manual for the oil type you should use, but there are some general rules for this as well. Audi recommends the use of synthetic oils, such as Castrol Edge Professional engine oil, to maintain top quality. For most regular gasoline engines you should use VW 502.00. For B-Cycle and 3.0 Turbo (S4, S5, SQ5) gas engines, use VW 508.00. R8 GT and 2014+ R8 V10 engines need 501.01. Those with Diesel engines should use VW 507.00. Each engine requires a different oil viscosity to function properly, so make sure you know which one your engine needs. Since some of these oils may not be available everywhere, it is a good practice to carry a quart of the required oil in your vehicle, just in case.

Keeping your car in top shape is important. Be sure to keep up with all regular maintenance, but particularly oil changes. Your Audi’s engine certainly cannot run properly without oil, but using dirty or improper oil can be just as bad. Knowing how often to change the oil and which oil to use for your specific model will save you a lot of trouble. This knowledge will also help you to maintain a stress-free luxury car experience.

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