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Best Auto Repair Fort Lauderdale

Best Auto Repair Fort Lauderdale

Auto Repair in Miami or Fort Lauderdale

Looking for the best auto repair Fort Lauderdale has to offer? I usually don’t bother leaving online reviews, but I just had to share my experience with the guys at Europerformance.

First off, I don’t drive just any car: I drive a Ferrari. I’ve been a car lover since I was little kid, and my dream was to own a red Ferrari 458. For years I saved money from birthdays, odd jobs, and any spare change I could find. I saw an ad online for a lightly used Ferrari 458 in the exact color I had always wanted. I jumped at the chance and made a down payment. My Ferrari and I had a great couple of months, and I started to see it as my good luck charm. After I bought that car, I got a job that paid very well, and I was able to secure my own home in a great location. 

One day, I hopped into my Ferrari and tried to start it. Click. I tried it again, and… click. My heart sank and I feared for the worst. Visions of having to get rid of my beloved car started haunting me. I told my buddy, another car enthusiast, about my situation and he recommended the team at Europerformance. I had my car transported there within the hour for an appointment.

Now, I love my Ferrari like most people love their kids. I was hesitant about letting strangers work on this beautiful machine. I was greeted by DuWayne when I first arrived, where he shook my hand and made me feel a little more at ease. His crew inspected my car carefully, and I could tell they were experts. They were able to locate the problem: a bad crankshaft. DuWayne made sure I had nothing to worry about: they could have the part delivered promptly, and charged me only what was fair for the labor. 

Before I knew it, my beloved Ferrari was back safe in my garage, running better than ever. Europerformance is easily the best auto shop in Florida, can’t recommend them enough. If you’re having car trouble, call DuWayne – tell him Scott sent you! They are the best auto repair Fort Lauderdale has to offer!


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