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The BMW car series has a well-earned reputation of being a high-performance luxury vehicle with dynamic driving and control, and the BMW 3 Series continues to preserve that reputation. However, they aren’t entirely perfect. Here are a few common repair issues with the BMW 3 Series:

Coolant Leak

Coolant leaks are fairly common and they can be identified fairly simply. If you have to constantly refill the coolant tank or see a pool of coolant under your BMW, then you most likely have a coolant leak.

Water Pumps Stop Working 

If your engine is being constantly overheated and it is confirmed that there are no problems with the coolant, then it is more than likely that your water pumps have stopped working.

Electrical issues 

Electrical issues are inevitable. Just like with all other electronics, “faults” show up fairly commonly. These issues require special tools to spot the errors in your BMW’s code.

Blower Motor Fails 

The A/C in your BMW won’t work. The climate control buttons work fine, but no air comes out of the vent. This could be the result of a blower fan motor failure.

Window Regulator Breaks

The button to raise and lower the window breaks or the window raises and lowers too slowly. This is an issue with the window regulator. 

Engine Issues

Problems with the engine can be a result of a malfunctioning fuel pump. This can cause the engine to stall or the BMW to run roughly. It can also cause long crank times. Another issue that can result in engine problems is the variable valve timing system getting clogged. This kind of issue can cause the car to go into “limp mode”.

All of these issues are fairly common and it’s important you have an automotive personnel you can trust. If you need service or repair for your BMW 3 Series, call Euromotive Performance at 954-944-2779 for an evaluation or to schedule an appointment.



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