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Dinan® is the top-quality BMW performance tuner in North America. This company, which is well-known for enhancing the performance of BMW cars, makes an extensive lineup of performance systems and tuning products. If you want to enhance your BMW, bring your car to Euromotive Performance for Dinan tuning products and installation!

Dinan is one of the top names in the performance industry, and this didn’t happen by accident. The manufacturer not only makes outstanding performance products with premium materials and advanced engineering, they also have one of the most reliable warranty programs available.

Over the past three decades, automotive journals have performed extensive tests with Dinan products. The results have found that Dinan is on par with some of the world’s most high-end exotic sports-cars. While Dinan tuning parts deliver top-end performance, they are actually some of the most consistent and reliable parts you can find, making them a top choice for any performance enthusiast.

Since 1996, Dinan has offered an outstanding warranty program. Taking advantage of a partnership with BMW North America, the warranty program brings essentially the same coverage enjoyed by new BMW owners. This means that Dinan parts are covered for as much as four years or 50,000 miles and you can tune your BMW to deliver a high level of performance without harming your warranty coverage. Dinan makes improving your BMW not only exciting, but financially viable!

A Large Selection of Dinan Parts and Accessories

Whether you want fast 0-60 times or precise cornering at high speeds, Dinan has the parts to make your BMW a performance machine. They have made the process of performance tuning your BMW easier by giving BMW owners a system of balanced performance marks.

With products for the driveline, chassis, engine, and more, Dinan has a comprehensive line of parts that can be used to complete the Dinan Signature Series.

There is a huge variety of parts that complete the Signature Series, each delivering a high amount of performance tuning. Once your BMW qualifies, you will be able to order a Dinan badge for your vehicle. Also, your vehicle will be registered with Dinan as an officially-numbered Dinan Signature BMW.

How do I get a Dinan badge for my BMW?

Dinan badges aren’t for everyone and they can’t be purchased. Rather, once your vehicle reaches 10 points, you’ll be able to receive a free Dinan badge, courtesy of the manufacturer.

How do you get to 10? Each part brings a specific amount of points, so once you purchase and install enough parts through our BMW service and repair shop, we can help you contact Dinan to receive your official badge.

Dinan Product Point Values:

10 Points (Automatic Badge Qualification):

  • Supercharger Systems
  • Stroker Engines

4 Points:

  • MINI Boost Upgrade Kit

3 Points:

  • Free Flow Exhausts
  • Exhaust Header Systems
  • High Flow Intake Systems
  • High Flow Air Mass Meters
  • Dinan Forged Wheel Sets
  • Coil-Over Suspension Systems
  • Dinan Brake Conversions
  • High Capacity Oil Cooler
  • Engine Software / DINANTRONICS

2 Points:

  • High Flow Throttle Bodies
  • Performance Cams
  • Front Strut Tower Braces
  • Dinan Cast Wheel Sets
  • Performance Spring Sets
  • Differentials
  • Lightened Dual-Mass Flywheels
  • High Performance Intercooler
  • High Flow Intake Manifolds
  • Performance Pressure Plates

1 Point:

  • High Performance Bushing Kit
  • Transmission Software / SHOCKWARE
  • Rear Shock Tower Braces
  • Performance Bumpstop Kit
  • Anti-Roll Bar(s)
  • Camber Plates / Control Arms (1 Point Each)
  • Short Shift Kits / Monoball Bushings
  • Dinan Pedal Pad Sets
  • Under Drive Crankshaft Pulley

As a high-quality service and repair shop specializing in performance and tuning, we can help you purchase Dinan products and install the parts into your BMW. Whether you live in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or the surrounding area, we are here to serve your needs.

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