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Tricks to Increase Your BMW Performance

BMW Performance

BMW enthusiasts revere the brand because of their impressive performance, luxurious design, and impeccable engineering standards. We know that BMWs aren’t simple vehicles, and their drivers expect a degree of performance that is synonymous with high-end sports cars. Many aspects of vehicle engineering make BMWs a standout in the industry, but in order to maintain the power you expect, it is critical to take good care of your car. Simple vehicle maintenance procedures can keep your BMW performing at its best; but some drivers have a need for more power. While maintaining your BMW is essential for overall performance, you may want to go a little further to increase its power. Enhancing and upgrading your BMW can be a relatively simple process, and usually involves an assessment of several of your vehicle’s systems that greatly contribute to power output. While this isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to increasing your BMW’s performance, here are a few tricks that you might consider on your journey to more horsepower:

Exhaust and Intake Systems

Exhaust systems place a huge role in your BMW’s power production. Originally, exhaust systems are installed in your vehicle to reduce engine noise and lower emissions from your engine. Unfortunately, this sacrifices power that your BMW could be more efficiently utilizing. Upgrading your exhaust system will decrease or extinguish backpressure by creating a more free-flowing, effective output.

Generally speaking, thoroughly and adequately altered exhaust systems are installed in a combined process with an upgraded air intake system. Altered intakes create more power by utilizing thicker air from outside the engine partition, decreasing the temperature of the air taken in. This will increase your BMW’s performance at higher RPMs, giving your vehicle a more impressive throttle response. Altered intake systems that include a cold-air intake and an upgraded exhaust system allows your BMW more power by getting air in and out of the engine quicker, lowering the amount of wasted power. Depending on the model and year BMW you have, this procedure may need to be customized or slightly altered. Individualizing the approach to upgrades that is specific to your particular BMW is critical—as we mentioned before, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to these types of modifications.

Fuel Injection

Along with the aforementioned upgrade considerations like exhaust and air intake performance parts, you could also consider swapping out your fuel injectors for more efficient ones. This procedure is relatively affordable on its own, and the results are high-impact. Fuel injectors that have a higher competence and are slightly larger can afford your engine a much more effective ratio of fuel to air in the combustion process. This gives your BMW engine a substantial amount of increased power. It is usually recommended that the fuel injection process be considered alongside the air intake and exhaust processes for maximum results.

Regular Tune-ups

All of the aforementioned upgrades are deemed pretty useless if your BMW’s basic needs aren’t being met. Procedures such as oil changes, tire rotations, and fluid flushes are critical to the overall health of your BMW, and performance can suffer greatly without regular attention to these basic processes. It isn’t always easy to stay on top of routine maintenance, but if you are planning on investing in performance-enhancing parts, you might want to consider your commitment to prioritizing long-term, ongoing vehicle care. Even if you do not invest in exhaust systems, intake systems, or fuel injectors, simple maintenance can retain the already impressive power that BMWs offer their drivers.

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BMW Exhaust Pipe In the areas of Hallandale Beach, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale, FL, BMWs are one of the most popular vehicles. At Euromotive Performance, we have invested our energy and expertise in BMWs to live out our passion for German-engineered, European imports in addition to accommodating the high population of BMW drivers. Although BMWs are famous for their performance already, we appreciate the malleability that these cars offer enthusiasts worldwide to upgrade and enhance their already impressive performance standards. Our manufacturer-certified technicians are able to perform repair work, upgrades, and performance work just like expensive dealerships nearby, but at a fraction of the cost. If you would like to know more about how to upgrade your Bimmer, contact us for more information or to schedule a consultation. We look forward to earning your trust and business!

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