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6 Maintenance Tips For European Car Motor and Transmission

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Drivers look to luxury cars for comfort and performance and European-made vehicles like Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz are designed to maximize both. Perhaps more than in any other cars, it is crucial that you follow the proper maintenance plans for any European car to avoid any issues developing. These finely tuned machines require specific service to stay free of issues and maintaining that high performance.

In any European-made car the two most important components are the engine and the transmission. These 6 maintenance tips will ensure that you get the most out of the motor and transmission in your European car for years to come.

1. Maintain Your Engine’s Oil

Checking the oil level in your engine and making sure you get regular oil changes are two of the most important steps to taking care of your engine. Your engine is full of moving parts that need lubrication from the oil and as you drive the quality of the oil degrades. As it fills with dirt and debris from throughout the engine it fails to lubricate the engine properly and trouble can begin to build. Regular oil changes will keep the oil clean and your engine functioning properly. Driving extended periods of time on old oil can also lead to the check engine light turning on, a rough idle and other driving problems.

You should also check your oil level because some oil will get burned off in the engine and driving with low oil levels can cause severe damage to the engine. Most cars will give you a warning that you need an oil change but few indicate a drop in oil levels so checking the dipstick is still the easiest way to make sure the levels are good.

2. Protect The Engine From Overheating

As your engine burns fuel it produces a lot of internal heat so keeping the engine cool is the responsibility of the cooling system. It moves antifreeze from the engine to the radiator but if there is an issue in the cooling system the engine will overheat. Any overheating can lead to very serious damages to the engine so be sure to always have your vehicle checked for leaks. Coolant leaks are the most common cause for engine overheating so check your coolant levels regularly and if any leaks are present make sure to have them taken care of before any overheating can occur.

3. Replace The Transmission Pan Gasket

A key step to transmission maintenance is replacing the pan gasket. It can become worn out and cracked over time, which will cause transmission fluid leaks. Any loss of transmission fluid will result in the car not shifting properly which can cause mechanical problems. If your car’s current pan gasket is reusable and of high quality and damage-free you can possibly clean it off and put it back but if not it is a relatively inexpensive fix that can prevent long-term issues.

4. Routinely Clean Transmission

As with other areas of your car, a build-up of fluid, dirt and grime can lead to issues inside the transmission. Whenever you have any transmission service done it should include the removal and cleaning of the dirt and sludge that develops. It should include your transmission pan, gasket, sealing surface, transmission case and any excess fluid that drips onto the exhaust.

5. Replace The Transmission Filter

The transmission filter and seal will need to be replaced routinely as clogged filters lead to undue stress and wear on your transmission. Replacing the filter can be overlooked but is a key part of transmission maintenance so be sure to take care of replacing it while the transmission pan is off.

6. Check The Transmission Fluid

Such flushing the transmission is an important part of maintenance the majority of the transmission fluid is lost and needs to be replaced. It’s recommended that you fill your transmission fluid to manufacturer guidelines for replacement fluid and to fill them to factory recommended levels. Like engine oil, transmission fluid can become dirty and full of debris over time and that can affect your transmission’s performance so regular fluid changes are recommended.

If you are in Hallandale Beach, FL or the surrounding European Car Motor Repair areas and want high quality service for your engine or transmission then the experts at Euromotive Performance are here to make the process an easy one. Our experts specialize in the service of European-made vehicles and each service we perform is done with factory level tools and equipment to ensure dealership quality work at a fraction of the cost. Call us today to schedule an appointment for service on your vehicle’s engine, transmission or additional maintenance work that you may need.


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