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Why Choose Dinan Parts for Your BMW?

BMW Dinan Parts Florida

As a BMW owner, you’re behind the wheel of one of the world’s most iconic and beloved luxury vehicles. With a long and rich history of passion, innovation and high performance, BMW engenders a sense of pride and connection with more drivers than perhaps any other vehicle. Whether you’re purchasing replacement parts for repair or looking to enhance your BMW with aftermarket upgrades, it’s important to get the most and draw the best out of your BMW with a safe, certified product that’s tailor-made to optimize your specific model.

Wondering why so many BMW lovers are choosing Dinan for their aftermarket additions? Read on to find out who Dinan is and why you should choose Dinan aftermarket parts for your car.

Dinan – A Premiere BMW Tuner

Dinan was founded in 1979, and has established itself firmly as a favorite among BMW enthusiasts and as the premiere BMW tuner in North America. The company is dedicated to developing the most performance-driven aftermarket BMW parts available anywhere. Dinan has worked as a serious BMW tuner to offer a broad range of performance products and solutions from engine, driveline and chassis components to complete Dinan system upgrades running the entire range of the manufacturer’s models.

Complete Customization

There are a number of Signature Series programs available – several for each BMW model – so that no matter what your budget and performance requirements, the BMW of your dreams is available through Dinan. Whether you’re looking for enhanced acceleration, better cornering or improved stopping power, there are options for you. Your Dinan Signature BMW will be registered with both Dinan and BMW with an exclusive serial number.

Why Choose Dinan Parts for Your BMW - BMWs V 10 engine

The Best in Aftermarket Warranties

Dinan offers buyers the highest level of confidence in the aftermarket business with one of the best warranties around. By themselves, Dinan products and parts are warranted for a two-year period with unlimited mileage. But Dinan is also willing to match the remaining period of the BMW manufacturer’s four-year or 50,000 mile new car warranty.

This means that if you enhance your brand new BMW with Dinan aftermarket parts, these parts are guaranteed under a warranty for the entire duration of your BMW warranty.

Dinan Distribution

Authorized Dinan Performance Centers are located throughout North America and include select BMW dealerships as well as independent BMW Service facilities. If you are interested in finding out how your BMW can be upgraded and optimized by Dinan, contact your local Authorized Dinan Performance Center to inquire about products, systems, purchase and installation.

So why should you choose Dinan?

The company has demonstrated a continual commitment to the highest quality materials and customizing superior performance solutions specifically for the range of BMW models. And whether you’re looking for aftermarket parts or software upgrades, Dinan is the only company that actually sells and installs through the BMW dealership network and matches the entire life of the BMW new car warranty. If BMW trusts Dinan, it makes sense for you to trust them too.


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