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5 Common Porsche Problems & Repairs

Porsche Repairs

Are you in the market for a Porsche? If you’re finally thinking about buying your dream car then you are probably curious to know what common problems and repairs it may need. Our team at Euromotive Performance are here to share with you five common Porsche problems and repairs to let you know what you’re in for!


#1 Check Engine Light:

As you know, the check engine light is among the most important safety indicators that show up on your dashboard. One of the most common problems with a Porsche is that really anything that a sensor has detected will turn on your engine warning light. While it’s the probably a scary thing to see lit up, it could be either something very small like an error code or it could be an actual problem that needs pinpointing.


#2 Engine Oil Level:

Without your engine oil, the moving parts within the engine won’t be lubricated and it could completely stop functioning and ruin your car’s engine. That’s why it’s so important to check your cars engine oil level to make sure your car runs at top notch performance. We list this one as a problem and repair because its cruical to keep up with the oil every four to six months as its a luxury car and it will cost a lot more if ignored and causes damage to the engine.


#3 Cooling Issues:

A big issue that Porsches run into are cooling. It’s common for coolant to begin leaking under the Porsche and if you smell a musty smell coming from your engine that might be a sign to check your cooling system. What happens is that collant could puddle on top of the engine in between the cylinders causing the mildew or musty smell from just sitting there. This problem can be solved by simply always bringing in your Porsche for routine maintenance.


#4  Steering & Suspension Problems:

ABS warning lights in your future Porsche could be turned on for no reason other than that your ABS Electronic Module has failed. This is yet another common failure on Porsches that can be replaced or rebuilt. It’s important to also keep checking the grease boots of the CV Joints for tears or cracks. CV Joints are caused by normal wear and tear but since a Porsche’s engine puts a higher demand on the strength of the contact velocity or CV joint than other cars, it’s more common to cause wear and tear.


#5 Brakes:

Do you hear noises coming from your car like squeaking or squealing when you press on the brakes? This is a common problem Porsche users have. You might need to replace them more often than not but you can’t put a price tag on safety! If anything, it would be more cost effective bringing in your Porsche for regular maintenance check ups which should include brake checks.


Repair Your Future Porsche Without Breaking The Bank

There is a reason why our team at Euromotive Performance has become the #1 rated European service center! Catering to luxury and exotic cars is our passion. We only perform precise maintenance checks and provide top notch service & repair because we love what we do. When thinking about purchasing your Porsche, keep in mind that you could have a great team of experts behind you, our team at Euromotive Performance. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call at (954) 884-8725.


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