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Challenges With European Car Repairs

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There is something about the beauty of European cars that just makes them so admirable. While they are among the most beautiful vehicles available, some also present common problems. Here are a few challenges with European car repairs: Let’s dive right into common challenges when repairing European cars:


Audi is among the top car manufacturers  in the world. The Germans don’t play around when it comes to their engines, and even though they build top machinery, it still wears out and breaks down like any other car. One of the challenges with Audi cars is the common engine oil leak from the valve cover gaskets and camshaft chain tensioner gasket. Another challenge of the Audi it that their ignition coil gives out unexpectedly, resulting in an engine misfire and causing the Check Engine Light to come on. Vehicles equipped with spark plug wires may also develop a misfire caused by a failed spark plug wire. However, the most common problem that Audi owners run into is subpar repair service from the dealerships. Luckily for Audi owners, there is an alternative: Euromotive Performance provides reliable Audi repair services and is one of the most trusted shops in South Florida!


BMW’s are known for their exquisite look and luxury feel. No matter how beautiful or luxurious, BMW cars can present problems just like any other car. A common challenge with this European model is oil and power steering leaks, especially with vehicles with over 55,000 miles. Valve cover and pan gaskets, as well as faulty hose have been implicated with oil leakage.

There you have the common problems associated with BMW cars. The moment you notice any of the issues we described, contact a BMW Repair Specialist as soon as possible.


Built with high quality and carefully selected materials, Porsche vehicles also have their own set of challenges. A common problem in Porsche vehicles is oil leaks, mainly from the rear main seal. Removing the transmission is usually necessary in order to fix this issue, so make sure to keep your Porsche well maintained with regular visits to your mechanic.

Porsche owners also claim the clutch pedal feels too heavy, particularly common in the 911 Turbo models. This issue could be due to the pressure accumulator, which retains the hydraulic pressure needed to operate the clutch after the car has stopped. However, a heavy clutch could mean that it is re-releasing the pressure back into the system. When this happens, replacing the entire clutch is usually necessary.


Mercedes Benz

One of the best-selling luxury cars in the world, Mercedes vehicles will have you traveling in comfort and style everywhere you go. However, many owners have reported a common problem with the engine and transmission mounts.

Designed to keep the engine and transmission stable and prevent vibration in the passenger area, the mounts of older Mercedes-Benz cars were made of solid rubber. After some time, however, the rubber mounts fail, causing a strong kick every time you step the gas pedal.

As the mounts begin to fail, you might experience an ever-growing vibration in the steering wheel and passenger cabin. Alternatively, the mounts installed in newer Mercedes models are liquid-filled and they don’t fail as easily as the rubber mounts. To prevent the Mercedes problems of mounts, you should diagnose them regularly after 80,000 mileage or 7 years.

Affordable European Car Repairs

Owning a European car has many perks and while this wasn’t the full list of European cars, feel free to give our team a call if you have any questions regarding your vehicle. Our team at Euromotive Performance takes care of all exotic and European cars and are rated South Florida’s #1 dealer alternative shop!


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