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4 Most Common Problems With Bentley Continental GT

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Are you worried that your Bentley Continental GT has a problem that can’t be fixed? Chances are that your luxury car is experiencing a problem that is common with Bentley owners and our team at Euromotive Performance are here to help you find out what they are. Here are the four most common problems with the Bentley Continental GT:

#1 Electric Window Failure:

No you probably didn’t break your window and maybe it hasn’t failed on you just yet. Can you hear a hissing sound coming from your windows when your moving it up or down? This could be the indication that the motor will fail and since each motor has its own ECU, it can be complex to fix. More than likely, you will need a replacement unit since the motor cannot be replaced alone.

#2 Suspension Problems:

Do you think that your air suspension is giving out? A clear indication of this happening is that your front end begins to appear very low and if they fail you would hear a knocking noise coming from the front of your suspension. This is a piece of cake for luxury car professionals like us because what needs to be done is fit replacement suspension parts.

#3 Brake Light Failure:

If you’ve noticed your high level brake light not working it could mean you need to replace the whole unit to fix this problem. The brake light in question located at the centre of the rear end, above the rear window.

#4 Electrical Problems:

Aside from its electric window there are reports from Bentley owners saying that faulty icons show up on their dashboard. Such as checking air pressure or check engine, it could be a small electrical problem or a sign for a larger one. Either way, bringing in your Bentley to find out what exactly is causing the electrical problems will help you in the long run.

Work With The Best & Forget The Rest!

Does your Bentley Continental GT have a problem from what’s listed above? Whether it has a common problem or not, you should still bring in your Bentley for a maintenance check. This will save you money later on if the problem gets worse with time. When thinking about where to take your Bentley Continental GT, you already know it’s not the best idea to take it to a regular mechanic as it’s not a regular vehicle. While you could go to a dealer, our team at Euromotive Performance are the dealer alternative. We have prices that beat the dealers prices and the quality as well as expertise used in all projects are not lowered because of our prices. In fact, being the alternative has helped us become South Florida’s #1 rated European service center.


When working with the best you won’t even think of the rest. Our shop has manufactured certified technicians who enjoy what they do. Our team has a passion for luxury and exotic cars, and that’s why we choose to work with them. Precision maintenance, service, and repair is what we offer to all of our clients. It’s no wonder why we are 5 star rated on Yelp! Come in today or give us a call to schedule an appointment at (954) 944-2779.


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