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Bentley Air Suspension Repair Near Miami, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Bentley air suspension repair is just one of the many services offered by the professionals here at Euromotive, your source for luxury and import car repairs and service. We have the experience and certification that you can trust for all kinds of repairs and maintenance, including air suspension systems in your Bentley vehicle.

Unlike traditional spring suspensions, Bentley has a premium air suspension system that is subject to different operating requirements, as well as different maintenance and care concerns and routines. This system won’t need as many mechanical upgrades or replacements over time, but it needs to be watched carefully for things like cracking lines and damage to the air system itself. Even a small leak could lead to serious damage and cause all kinds of other problems for your suspension, steering, and more.

Causes of Suspension Issues

Unlike a standard mechanical suspension, the air suspension in a Bentley has its own special considerations to take into account and things that need to be done. That’s why starting with our team is the best first step that you can take.

With Bentley’s air suspension, issues are typically found related to things like:

  • Cracked or damaged air lines
  • Faulty or corroded connections in the air suspension system
  • Electrical or electronics failures
  • Age or wear over time
  • Impact or accident-related damage

Figuring out the causes of your suspension issues will allow you to resolve them quickly and without causing further damage to the rest of your vehicle. Of course, even better than that is to embrace routine maintenance and service for your suspension just like you do for the rest of your beautiful Bentley. And the team at Euromotive has you covered there, too!

Routine Maintenance for Bentley Air Suspensions

As part of routine maintenance, Bentley recommends that people have their air suspension checked at 5,000 to 10,000 miles, as well as at 15,000-mile intervals, subsequently. A standard visual inspection is usually all that is required unless problems are discovered. However, there are also milestones where you may need to replace components of the suspension as a part of maintenance or even just have the system inspected and tuned up for safer operation and better longevity over time.

Like all things with your Bentley, it’s better to plan ahead and protect your investment by setting up maintenance. That way, you’ll usually catch suspension issues before they become a big problem and be able to get them repaired that much more quickly as well.

You can count on our experienced team to deliver quality results, a full inspection of all the working parts of your vehicle at every visit, and more. We can serve the greater Miami area from our Hallandale shop, which offers service for all kinds of luxury and import brands, including Bentley. We also offer service to Coral Gables, Delray Beach, Weston, Davie, Hollywood, Boca Raton, and Fort Lauderdale, just to name a few locations. We look forward to being your first choice for Bentley service and repairs, so call us at (954) 944-2779 or schedule your appointment now.

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