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Common Traits of a Trusted Car Service Center

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Finding the right repair business to handle your automotive needs is critical for many reasons. Doing your research can help you save money on auto repairs, can keep your car at optimal performance levels, and can help your car improve conditions like gas mileage and fuel efficiency. Not all car businesses are created equally; some claim to have the skill, expertise, and background to handle specialized vehicle repairs, like procedures on high-end European import vehicles. A trusted car service center will have recognizable characteristics and traits that will make you feel like a valued client, and will keep your car in good health. To help you find the right automotive shop, here are some of the common traits of a trusted car service center:

Honesty and Integrity

Reputation is everything; your community should recognize the shop you choose as an honest group of individuals who take pride in their work. It’s not every day that you find an automotive business who shares the same passion for your car that you do; in fact, most shops are just in it to turn over as many cars as possible for the quick income. This is not an approach to car servicing that matches the need in the community for reputable businesses. Taking advantage of customers’ limited vehicular knowledge is not a way to run a business, and it certainly isn’t honest. Take advantage of community reviews and recommendations in order to determine if the shop in question is known for honest and quality work.

Customer Service and “Carside” Manner

The approach that a business takes to customer service can only be experienced by interacting with the company’s representatives. In order to get an accurate picture of how a business treats their clients, you should reach out to a few automotive shops in your area via phone call or email so that you can gauge how they respond and attend to your questions and needs. You can also look up reviews online to see how other current and former customers rate their experiences. Automotive industry can be confusing and stressful to deal with for the average driver—it is important that your automotive shop is helpful and takes the time in explaining automotive knowledge in terms you are comfortable with and understand.

Expertise and Qualifications

In order to determine if your automotive shop has the right skills and qualifications to perform procedures and maintenance on your vehicle, you should look for special expertise that the shop technicians have in your specific brand of vehicle. Your shop’s educational background, specialized training, and certifications all represent that the people who handle your car have put in time and effort in educating themselves on how to properly diagnose and accurately perform repairs for your specific type of vehicle. You can generally find these qualifications on a businesses’ website, as they will proudly wear them as a badge of honor to represent their services.

Competitive Pricing

Lastly, but certainly not least, the shop of your choice shouldn’t be too expensive, but shouldn’t be too cheap either. It is good to find a shop that offers competitive pricing, but not too drastically different from shops nearby. Dealerships are notorious for overpricing their parts and services, because they know that most drivers feel more comfortable bringing their car to the dealership to perform under-warranty procedures. Most shops that are qualified and specialize in your vehicle type are perfectly capable of performing such repairs, and usually at a discounted price. Be sure to do some comparative research before landing on a choice.

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Why Choose Euromotive Performance

Euromotive Performance is a dealership alternative shop for European import vehicles like Ferrari, Bentley, BMW, Mercedes, Lamborghini, and Porsche… and the list goes on. We meet all the criteria for a trusted car service center: we have a reputation for: our honesty and integrity in our work; our attentive customer service skills; our certifications and expertise in working with European vehicles; and our competitive pricing compared to nearby automotive shops and dealerships. If you are looking for an automotive specialist in the Hallandale Beach, Miami, or Fort Lauderdale, FL areas, contact us today to speak to our friendly staff or check out our facility. We look forward to becoming your most trusted vehicle service center yet.


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