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Tips to Repair and Maintain Your BMW Battery


There’s no denying that BMWs are exceptionally well-made vehicles that consistently deliver on performance and drivability with each new model released. However, they still face their fair share of difficulties, like any other machine in need of ongoing maintenance. When maintenance standards are not upheld, issues can occur fairly quickly. In Miami, Hallandale Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Weston, FL, and the nearby areas where reliable transportation is mandatory, it can be a huge inconvenience when your BMW’s battery suddenly craps out on you. Ongoing maintenance is critical to extend the life of your BMW, and the battery is a huge part of what makes your car “go;” don’t get stuck stranded because you missed out on an opportunity to have your BMW’s battery serviced. If you’re not sure what repair and maintenance for your BMW battery entails, here are a few tips and suggestions:

Park the vehicles in shades

Batteries are especially susceptible to hot temperatures; the summer heat in Florida can be particularly damaging to your BMW’s battery. In order to keep your battery functioning properly, maintaining fluid and a charge, it is best to keep your BMW parked in cooler areas. Parking in a garage is the best bet, although not every driver has that luxury; try to keep your car parked in shaded areas that will offer your BMW a break from ongoing heat exhaustion. This will extend the life of the battery, and will give you an added bonus of getting into a cooler vehicle after a long day. Keeping the internal temperature down as often as possible is important for the battery, but is generally a good idea to maintain the exterior paint of your car as well.

Maintain battery fluid level

Another part of ongoing battery maintenance is to make sure that it is adequately hydrated. Battery fluid should be kept at a specified level, and if that fluid depletes at all, it can cause issues with your battery; it could malfunction while driving or it could not start at all. During warmer times of year, or in climates such a Florida where triple digits aren’t unheard of, battery fluid can diminish more quickly over time, making it even more crucial to keep an eye on your BMW’s battery health than others may need to. To compensate for the more rapid rate that battery fluid depletes, sometimes people add distilled water to the battery fluid. While this is an okay temporary solution, some automotive specialists advise against it. It’s simply best to bring your BMW in for a battery inspection to make sure the fluid is topped off.

Check all the battery connections

Over time, and especially in hot temperatures, BMW Battery battery connections & components can become corroded and compacted with dust and debris; just as you would wash the exterior of your car and protect it from the elements to keep the paint from cracking in the hot sun, your battery requires similar attention. Having your battery regularly cleaned and inspected several times a year is important to make sure that the connections and components continue to properly function and are not susceptible to cracks and corrosion. If the battery is not properly cared for it can lead to battery malfunction or even death, and replacing a battery before typically needed is significantly more costly as years go on. Therefore, it is in your best interest financially to maintain your battery throughout the year, each year.

Seek professional’s help

Ongoing preventive care for our vehicles is often viewed as an added expense, when in reality it saves money in the long run; caring for your BMW year-round will keep it out of the shop for costly repairs. Serving Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Davie, Plantation, Aventura, Hollywood, Weston, FL areas, the specialists here at Euromotive Performance take preventive care seriously. We value the engineering behind high-performance vehicles like BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Ferrari, and Bentley because we appreciate the driving experience more than the average car enthusiast. Our goal is to offer a competitive alternative to dealerships in pricing, skill, and efficiency. Accurate diagnoses are what the professionals here at Euromotive Performance excel at, and our efficient repair solutions have earned us a reputation to be proud of. Stop by today for a tune-up, to have your battery serviced, or to simply to experience our unique approach to outstanding customer service.

BMW E46 image credit goes to: kurmyshov


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