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Do you live in or recently relocated to Davie, FL? You have found the alternative certified repair service center for Audi, BMW, Bentley, Porsche, Mercedes, Mini, VW, and Land Rover that can offer you a personalized, outstanding and trusted service for your european vehicles?

Then, Euromotive Performance is the solution if your answer to those questions is YES.

  • Are you looking for an alternative independently owned and operated certified auto-repair service that saves you a lot of time and stress?
  • Do you require service and repair technicians that can provide you with the best auto repair service for that cherished luxury ride of yours?
  • Do you need the service of a reputable auto technicians in Davie, FL with maximum satisfaction as far as your luxury car is concern
  • Do you need a reliable service of an auto technician for your luxury car seamlessly


If yes, we have all it takes to be your perfect service provider. Euromotive Performance is a certified, automotive repair company in Davie, FL that offers remarkable repair and maintenance services to luxury vehicles. We specialize in different brands of luxury vehicles, some of which include Mercedes, Bentley, Lamborghini, Mini-Porsche, BMW, and Ferrari.

Our wide range of automobile repairs and maintenance services includes:

In addition, performance tuning and essential tweaks that improve an automobile performance are also one of the services rendered by our automobile facility.

Protection of warranty

The team of experts at Euromotive performance in Davie, FL also offers important tips to protect the warranty on a client’s luxury vehicle. It is important to protect the warranty of luxury vehicles such as BMW. BMW specialists attend to the questions and fears of many clients when it comes to purchasing and protecting the warranty of a BMW. Car owners must note that only specialists of a particular brand are certified to diagnose, assemble or repair luxury rides of the particular brand that is their area of expertise, else this errors in repairs or assembling of automobile parts i.e. a BMW specialist repairs or offers BMW service not a Bentley or Mercedes service. Our qualified technicians in Davie, FL boost any luxury automobile’s performance without compromise. Quality automobile parts certified by manufacturers are used for the repair.

Diagnostics and Scheduled maintenance

In addition to this, latest computer dealer programming equipment and dealer digital diagnostic technology are used by our experts to detect defects in a luxury automobile. Defects that can be detected include sounds or other mechanical symptoms that may trigger an automobile mishap. Scheduled maintenance of luxury vehicles are also carried out by Euromotive performance in Davie, FL.

Routine maintenance

Running a routine maintenance on a luxury automobile prevents a major breakdown that may incur unexpected expenses. The replacement of an important part of a luxury vehicle such as the car engine costs a huge amount of money. Car owners can stay ahead of any mechanical mishap by the scheduled routine maintenance of their vehicle. So many factors contribute to the gradual decrease in a vehicle’s performance, some of these factors include off-road racing, unpredictable environmental conditions such as the weather, flood, earthquakes or inferno, overloading of the vehicle, use of low grade fluids, and improper routine maintenance of the automobile. Euromotive automotive repair facility near Davie, FL is reliable and provides complete coverage of services that clients desire and expect. You can be assured your luxury automobile is in safe hands.

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