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How to Find the Right Ferrari Service Center

Ferrari F430

The majority of owners of luxury vehicles, such as Ferrari, automatically take their cars to dealerships for maintenance and repair. Dealerships promote the idea that their technicians have a particularly higher level of knowledge or skill only working with Ferraris in comparison to other shops, which unfortunately winds up costing their patrons a great deal of extra money in automotive care bills. Finding the right Ferrari service center does not limit you to only looking at Ferrari dealerships for automotive services; in fact, many other automotive shops possess specialized knowledge of Ferrari repair and charge a great deal less than nearby dealerships. When looking for the right automotive shop to handle your Ferrari maintenance and repair, it’s important to know what to look for. Here are some tips to find the right Ferrari service center near you.

Specialized Skill

First, and foremost, the shop of your choice should have a high level of skill and knowledge in working with the Ferrari brand. Ferraris are singular and unique vehicles that require special care and attention—especially because of the price tag they come with. In other words, Ferraris are an investment, and therefore you must invest in an automotive shop that will best help uphold the value of your car. Not all auto shops are qualified to work on a Ferrari, and can potentially damage your car by improperly diagnosing issues or not adequately performing preventive maintenance procedures.

Ongoing Schooling

The automotive business, especially the Ferrari brand, are ever-evolving and constantly changing. Especially with the technological era deepening, it is critical to find the right automotive shop that commits themselves to continued learning in the automotive field on a daily basis. Likely, if you choose a shop who has a passion for automobiles they will be enthusiastic about automotive engineering and design developments. Global seminars are offered frequently for auto shops and technicians to continue their learning in the field, and the right shop should be fully invested in continually growing their knowledge by attending such events and staying informed of current research.

Client Reviews

Hearing what the locals have to say about a shop is one way to inform yourself of the quality of their services. Of course, not everyone will have the same experience, but it’s important to keep in mind that the overall consistency in reviews is what you should be looking for. If clients have a generally positive experience at the shop, then you can further contact the owner or manager for a list of professional references. It’s also helpful to get a good idea of how consistent the shop’s performance is as a business and if they continue to make their clients happy.

Helpful Staff

Your first encounters with a business say a lot about who the vehicle invests their money in, as far as employees are concerned, and how well they communicate. Communication in any business is critical; it allows customers to feel heard and to have a positive experience—after all, they are spending their hard earned money on automotive repair and maintenance, something all of us wish wasn’t a “thing.” Beyond great communication, the business’s staff should be well-educated, experienced, and of course, certified as automotive technicians. They should be able to answer your Ferrari-specific questions and help you feel more at ease about the entire repair process. In the beginning stages of contact with the business, look for: quick response time, friendliness, helpfulness, and patience. The most important thing is that you feel like a valued client.

Passion for Ferrari, and Clients

At Euromotive Performance we specialize in luxury European Ferrari 360 Modena imports, such as Ferrari. Brands like Ferrari are what give us passion for the automotive industry. Serving Hallandale Beach, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale, FL, we also have a wide client base, whom we value above all else. Our specialized skill with Ferraris has come with diligent education and hard work over time, and we make it our mission to continue to inform ourselves on the newest developments in the Ferrari brand as well as the automotive industry overall—it is part of our due diligence as competent import specialists. For more information about our Ferrari services or to schedule an appointment, contact a member of our friendly staff today. We look forward to hearing from you and earning your support.

Ferrari F430 image credit goes to: baronvsp.

Ferrari 360 Modena image credit goes to: Massimo Merlini.


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