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Why is my Maserati check engine light on?

maserati check engine light

There are few vehicles that quite match up to the Maserati: a luxury sports car with unparalleled power, style, and the most innovative technology. In order to keep this car in the best condition, regular service appointments are a must. This way, when problems arise, you’ll be able to get them fixed quickly. When your Maserati’s check engine light comes on, it’s time to get it serviced!

Common Engine Faults

The check engine light usually indicates a fault in the engine management system. This light comes on when your Maserati’s state of the art onboard computer diagnostic system (OBD) detects that something is not operating correctly. An illuminated check engine light may be due to one of these common engine issues:

  • faulty mass airflow sensor
  • failing ignition coils
  • spark plugs and wires in need of repair
  • damaged oxygen sensor
  • loose fuel cap
  • problems with the catalytic converter
  • electrical or fuel problems

These issues can range from a minor fix to a major repair, so make an appointment as soon as you see this light!

Understanding the Check Engine Light

The dreaded Maserati check engine light. A Maserati’s check engine light helps you understand the severity of the operating issue. A steady indicator light indicates a minor anomaly in the system; while you should get your car to a mechanic at your earliest convenience, you’ll still be able to drive it with no problems. A blinking indicator light is a sign of a more serious issue. Don’t drive your vehicle under any circumstances until it can be serviced.

The Importance of Fixing Your Check Engine Light

Whether it’s a blinking or steady light, it’s important to get your check engine light fixed immediately. The more time that goes by is the difference between a cheap fix and a costly repair. Auto shop mechanics will be able to use a scan tool to run diagnostics on the vehicle and get to the root of the problem, replacing or repairing faulty parts as needed.

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