5 Most Common Issues With the Bentley Continental GT

bentley continental gt repair

The Bentley reputation is hard earned. These are precision crafted vehicles that offer the utmost in luxury and performance. They can also be demanding vehicles to own. The highest levels of performance can only be maintained through a commitment to care and repair. These are five of the most common issues with the Bentley Continental GT that should never be ignored.


Bentley uses an air suspension system. When it shows signs of wear, one end of the car (usually the front) will be slightly lower. It’s important to catch this as soon as possible because the symptoms can exacerbate the problem, and a deflated airbag can turn into a destroyed compressor.

Brake Light

The highest brake light has been known to go out before the others on the GT. It’s an easy enough replacement, but it is one of the more common problems with the model.

Electric Window

Before the window functions fail, the issue is announced by a hissing sound. If you hear this, the motor is in trouble, and it’s time for a repair. This repair can be somewhat complicated by the overall lifting system, so it might not be a simple motor swap.

Brake Hoses

Bentley recommends replacing the brake hoses every 5 to 10 years. For first-time owners, this may come as a surprise, but the high-end designs require a little more tender loving care to keep in top condition.

Routine Maintenance

Every vehicle needs routine maintenance. The Bentley Continental GT throws some wrinkles into the equation. The precision engine has a very tight fit into the body, and this causes some simple tasks (like changing the spark plugs) to require an engine lift for access.

For each of these issues and any others that arise, help is always available. Call DuWaye at Euromotive Performance to schedule your Bentley Repair today.


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