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Mercedes Repair Issues? Here are the most common.

mercedes repair issues

Ah, Mercedes repair issues. If you own a Mercedes, you may think it’s the perfect car: built to last, fun to drive, and a variety of great models to choose from. Its reputation speaks for itself. Eventually, over hundreds of miles, even an impressive vehicle like a Mercedes-Benz needs a tune-up. We service many Mercedes cars at Euromotive, and we can tell you some of the most common issues that will need to be repaired at some point.

Suspension and steering components. Once you reach the 60k mile mark, certain parts that are essential to a functional suspension system can start to fail. These include ball joints, tie rods, control arm bushings, and sway bar links. This can lead to a misaligned steering wheel.

Gear shifter stuck in park. A minor but inconvenient problem, you may experience difficulty while trying to move the gear shift from park mode. This is due to a bad selector module, and typically only occurs with Mercedes-Benz E and S class models.

Problems with starting the engine. These cars are notorious for problems with the crankshaft position sensor. A faulty one will not send the TDC (Top Dead Center) signal to the car’s engine, which leads to longer cranking time because the engine cannot be started.

Oil pressure switch malfunction. If you start to notice small issues such as a continuous check engine light or failure of O2 sensors, it’s likely because the oil pressure switch is leaking. This is especially common in models with a V12 engine.

Engine and transmission mounts. Mercedes engine mounts made of rubber are prone to collapse; when this happens you will start to feel the vibration of the engine, causing the passenger side, the steering wheel, or your dashboard to shake. When you reach 80k miles, make sure you have these serviced.

Whether you’ve had one for years or plan to buy one soon, it’s good to know the warning signs of classic Mercedes problems so that you get your car back up and running. Need service or repair for your Mercedes? Call DuWayne at Euromotive Performance today!


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