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Investing in a luxury car can be one of life’s greatest pleasures. From the comfort, performance and style that a high-end vehicle offers, owners are willing to pay a large price tag to drive in class. The joys of driving a luxury car come with the responsibility of proper maintenance to ensure that the car will stay in tiptop shape aesthetically and performance wise. From proper interior cleaning to routine engine maintenance, making sure that your vehicle is properly taken care of is crucial.

Here are some tips for keeping your luxury car clean and running at top performance.

Interior Cleaning

Using the right cleaning product for each surface is especially important when it comes to luxury models. High-end interiors are made of higher quality materials and require special care. Leather seats and other features should only be cleaned with special leather-approved products. Carpet flooring requires a vacuum to remove loose debris and a good stiff-bristled brush with quality carpet shampoo to remove any tough spots or set-in debris. When it comes to dashboards, a lot of luxury cars will have real wood accents and trims so make sure to use a quality wood polish made for cars and microfiber cloth. The best option for luxury interior cleaning is to have professionals detail it for you because they will have the exact products and experience to do it right.

Exterior Cleaning

Unless you plan on detailing your car yourself, finding a good car wash that offers hand washing is key. Regular cleaning is the best defense against discoloration, marring, cracking or peeling paint that can be caused by UV damage, road debris or other contaminants like pollen, dust or acid rain. Waxes and sealants are a great protective measure and should be applied by professionals to make sure that they are done properly. If you drive your car regularly, washes should happen once a week or every two weeks and a wash/wax/sealant should be a monthly task. You may want to invest in a 3M clear bra to protect the front of your car against bugs, dirt and other road debris.

Performance Services, Maintenance, and Repairs

  • A/C Service- proper maintenance of your A/C system should be left to Certified Factory Trained Professionals, and original parts should always be used.
  • Body Repair and Paint- if you happen to get into an accident and your car requires body repair and paint, make sure that you choose a body shop that has experience working with luxury or exotic cars.
  • Brake Repair – only use original manufacturer parts when it comes to your luxury car, and your brakes are no exceptions. Driving high-performance sports cars require excellent braking systems so make sure that yours are working the best they can.
  • Electrical System and Battery including lights, radio, signals, power windows/doors, batteries, and dashboard electronics.
  • Engine Performance Diagnostics – having highly trained specialists that have experience working with performance and luxury cars will be able to perform diagnostic tests for Check Engine lights, ABS, Traction Control, SRS light, Service Engine Soon light and battery light.
  • Engine Repair services that include basic repairs, complete rebuilds, supercharger and turbocharger repairs, engine upgrades, piston replacement, cylinder repairs, headers, intake manifolds, timing belts and more.
  • Factory Recommended Service and Maintenance
  • Oil Change
  • Paintless Dent Removal- having a professional that knows the body material of your luxury car and the best methods for removing dents is imperative. Experts will know and understand the details, angles and structure points of your specific model.
  • Suspension and Shocks
  • Transmission Service
  • Wheel/Tire

Sticking to the manufacturer’s maintenance and service schedule strictly is of vital importance to keep your luxury vehicle in peak driving performance. Euromotive Performance of Miami specializes in Ferrari, Aston Martin, Bentley, Maserati, Porsche, Audi, Mercedes, BMW and Lamborghini maintenance services and repairs. For all the services mentioned above and more, contact them today at to set up an appointment for your luxury car.


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