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Miami to Host Luxury, Car-Exclusive Condominium

Miami Luxury Car Condominium

There is a $350,000 luxury condo building in Miami, Florida. However, the building is allegedly dedicated to luxury cars and not people. Is this the world’s most expensive parking space?

A Condo for Cars

The price for every unit starts at $350,000 for a space that will fit two cars. Meanwhile, the largest unit will be around 2,200 square feet, selling for around $1.5 million.
On the other hand, there are other options if one wishes to park more than two cars. Either they can buy several units in different floors or just occupy the whole floor which can fit up to 55 vehicles.

Just like buying a residential condominium unit, those who want to place a reservation can do it as early as today. The luxurious project is projected to get fully finished by 2018.

“Miami is a very car-centric town — it’s not really a walking city. People drive everywhere. People are into the car culture, there are a lot of luxury cars sold in south Florida,” co-developer of Auto House Louis Birdman said.

“Because a lot of people travel in and out of Miami seasonally, a lot of people who own cars like this are looking for alternative solutions on where to put vehicles safely when they leave so they aren’t exposed to the elements.”

Auto House Features

The impressive features on each unit include polished concrete floors, hurricane-resistant windows, and in-unit climate control. The space owners can design the place according to their taste.

Also, there will be a 24/7 security officer on the premise and a concierge service. They can also provide assistance such as making race track reservations or arrange to have your car picked up or delivered to you.

There might be a detail shop on the ground floor especially for the cars so the owner will not worry about so a wash or tune up. Other plans include a race simulator, private dining space, and storage for wine and cigars on the top floor.


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