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How to Keep Your Car Maintained Regularly

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When it comes to maintaining a car, a lot goes into it, and sometimes it can seem like a hassle. But a car is a big investment, and when the time comes to sell or trade it for something newer, you’ll want to be sure that its value has held up. That means giving it regular maintenance.

Regular maintenance also ensures that you don’t have to deal with breakdowns and other mechanical issues. Remember spending a little bit on regular maintenance can prevent you from spending a lot more when something catastrophic happens.

Bottom line, if you’ve got a nice car, shouldn’t it run in a way that reflects its quality?

Basically, there are four ways to make sure that your car receives the proper maintenance that it requires.

Do it Yourself

While the idea of taking charge of the situation and stepping into the role of grease-monkey sounds good, it’s increasingly impractical.

First of all, most modern high-end and luxury vehicles require special computers and equipment to troubleshoot and fix problems.

Second, who really has the time for it?

Take it to a Mechanic

Privately-owned general mechanic shops are one option for repairs, but they’re notorious for conjuring up fake problems just to pad the bill. And oftentimes they don’t have the advanced equipment necessary to work on more exotic, modern vehicles. What’s more, non-authorized service can void your warranty, depending on the terms of your protection plan.

In the end, generic auto shops aren’t practical for regular maintenance because that’s not really their specialty. They’re more in the emergency business. Taking your car into a mechanic shop would be like going into the emergency room when you need a checkup.

Take it to a Dealership

Dealership service centers are often your best bet for maintaining your car. Not only do they generally have the factory training and advanced equipment necessary, but they also offer service that won’t void your warranty.

The major downside to getting service via a dealership can involve wait times. Either they’re all booked up, or you show up at your scheduled hour only to end up waiting when another repair took longer than expected.

Then there’s the slew of paperwork that can be involved. All in all, dealerships can be extremely time consuming.

Contract an Expert

One solution to all of these involves contracting someone who can take the entire maintenance process off your hands. That means someone who is capable of handling minor repairs, who understands the intricacies behind warranty agreements, who knows how to deal with mechanic shops and dealerships, and who knows exactly what a car needs in order to receive regular, high-quality maintenance.

Basically, it means hiring someone whose job involves handling everything that goes into maintaining your car so that all you have to worry about is enjoying the ride.


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