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Maintaining your BMW – The 5 Most Common Mechanical Issues

Maintaining your BMW

BMW is an automotive giant, but even this German powerhouse manufacturer has its hiccups. The good news is that many of the common issues with the brand can be prevented with regular car maintenance. The other common problems may need nothing more than awareness as to the potential issues that can arise. As the saying goes, “knowledge is power” so let’s break down the five most common issues Bimmer drivers talk about.

  • Oil Leaks – Most drivers understand the importance of oil in their vehicle and any oil lost could prove expensive, or worse, disastrous and in need of a new engine. Oil leaks tend to be a common problem with BMW’s. Leaks tend to revolve around the valve cover gaskets at the top of the engine, especially in X-5 models.

Oil leaks are also detected in the oil pan gasket which has to be fixed by removing the front end suspension typically. This is more likely in older BMW’s for normal wear and tear.

According to the members of BMW Car Club of America, some say they see oil leaks from the rear main seal. This comes from the crankshaft when the rear seals breakdown and can’t control leaking. 

  • Power Steering Leak – The first sign of a power steering leak may be a screeching noise when the steering wheel is turned. Some owners even report seeing fluid drip onto the floor inside the car. Most times, this comes from a damaged or broken hose from the power steering oil reservoir.

This problem, in particular, can turn into an expensive one, so witnessing any screeching or stiffness in the steering needs addressing as soon as possible to avoid significant damage to the steering mechanism. 

  • Coolant Leaks – A coolant leak is likely to present itself as white vapor/smoke coming from under the hood. The leak is typically from a bad radiator cap and is a pretty easy fix that won’t cost as much as other repairs. However, not fixing it immediately places the entire engine at risk.

Detecting these problems can also be seen if the engine runs hotter than normal, coolant puddles under the car when it is parked, a sweet smell is detected, or the temperature light alerts the driver to a hot engine.

  • Electronic Feature Issues – BMW owners complain fairly regularly about electronic malfunctions in their vehicles. This can impact various parts of the car including the air conditioning or the wiper blades not working correctly. Electronic issues are one of those problems that drivers can’t technically “prepare for” but can certainly be aware of to better diagnose what might be going on.

We work on various electrical issues with BMWs for our clients and are confident in our ability figure them out quickly, so our clients are not stuck in a hot car without the AC or windows working.

  • Vibrations in the Steer Wheel – Reports of Steering wheel vibration happen regularly, especially in the BMW 3-series vehicles. Don’t worry, you are not crazy or imagining that. This issue can stem from a few places; first being the rotors. This problem usually happens upon acceleration of the vehicle. The other vibration culprits come down to wheel bearings, front end balance, or the front end suspension.

Keeping a watchful eye for issues will ensure the health and longevity of a BMW. Owners shouldn’t be afraid to poke around their own vehicle to try and detect things like leaks so they can have them remedied as soon as possible. Regular maintenance on a BMW can also detect these problems before they become expensive disasters. Call us at (954)884-8722 to learn more about our BMW service in Fort Lauderdale, or contact us here to reach out to our professional staff.


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