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BMW SERVICE MIAMI – What’s your best option for an oil change?

bmw service miami

Looking for BMW service in Miami? That can be a challenge if you’re not entirely sure what is your best option.

Although BMW service centers can certainly offer decent services, as the owner of a BMW, you need exceptional service and attention to detail. While it’s true that certified technicians will be best trained and equipped to repair your BMW vehicle, the people doing your oil change are lube technicians, which is typically an entry position, and generally makes them no more qualified than someone at a quick lube. However, when you take your BMW to a highly reputable, non-BMW service center, you typically have a highly trained technician who performs the work. Which one sounds better to you?

In the U.S., the Magnusson – Moss Act prevents the manufacturer from voiding your warranty for using aftermarket repair and service parts, if those parts are functionally equivilent to OEM. This means, you can get your oil changed, as well as other services, done elsewhere without fear of voiding the warranty. This means you can take your BMW to an outside service or repair center without fear of losing your warranty.

The dealer often will use the oil change as an excuse to put you in front of new models and salespeople. And if you’re even slightly inclined, you may end up with a new vehicle. That may be a bit more expensive to you than going somewhere else.

So, as a consumer, you have a few choices. The manufacturer will not penalize you for going elsewhere, but may offer things that you find to be beneficial. We can’t make your choices for you. But hopefully, with more information, you can feel comfortable making that choice for yourself.


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