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4 Reasons Our Fort Lauderdale BMW Owners Love Us

Here are our top four reasons that we offer the best BMW service in Fort Lauderdale.
BMW Engine Hood

We love all of our clients, but we especially love when our BMW clients come to us for superior service. We are known in Fort Lauderdale for BMW service due to our technicians and our mechanical knowledge of the BMW brand. Here are our top four reasons that we offer the best BMW service in Fort Lauderdale.

Master Certified Technicians That Work on BMW

It is safe to say at Euromotive Performance we have seen just about every BMW problem the road can give us. With that knowledge comes a slew of experience and resources for our clients. From sourcing parts for older models to understanding what makes BMW’s tick, we are known by our clients as specialists when it comes to these vehicles.

German makes and models have their own set of “rules” and taking them to just any repair shop could actually lead to more issues if the shop isn’t knowledgeable about the brand. On the other side of the spectrum, there are the dealerships, which will likely leave someone waiting days for their vehicle and spending a luxury service price tag. We are proud to offer transparent service to our Bimmer clients and at affordable price-points. 

BMW Manufactured Parts

One of the more intense and overwhelming aspects of owning a luxury vehicle is the massive amount of parts an owner will need throughout the ownership lifetime of their BMW. Quality BMW parts are essential to use during service to ensure a vehicle functions properly. We won’t use knock off or generic parts to service BMW’s as we know this can impact the car in the future.

We have a reliable network of suppliers that help us locate and source BMW parts. Our clients are more confident knowing that their vehicles are getting luxury service and treatment with us.  

Two-Year Warranty on Parts and Labor

Something Euromotive Performance is proud to offer their clients is a 2-year warranty on parts and labor. We use the best BMW parts possible, as mentioned above, but if anything were to go wrong with them within two years, the owner is covered.

At the same time, if an issue with a vehicle is a result of labor or installations problems, we work rapidly to correct those issues. As with our parts warranty, labor is also covered for two years.

Same Day Appointments

There might not be anything more annoying than waiting to get an appointment for a vehicle. Whether it’s simple maintenance or an emergency repair, waiting on a dealership is painful. At Euromotive Performance, we offer same day appointments for our clients and are staffed every day to serve our Fort Lauderdale neighbors.

Our clients are welcome to make appointments for things like oil changes if needed, but an emergency repair services shouldn’t result in waiting days for a technician to get to. Our mission is the same as our client’s, get back on the road as quickly and safely as possible.

Have questions about our BMW repair services? Please contact here or stop by to learn more about what we do for our BMW clients.  


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