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When you fork over big bucks for your luxury vehicle, you expect it to be completely free of any problems. Unfortunately, there are a few common issues with the Land Rover. With this vehicle, you’ll have to learn to expect the unexpected. Below is a list of things to watch for while driving your Land Rover. 

Airbag Malfunction

Everyone wants a safe car, especially a luxury vehicle. But, the Land Rover has been known for malfunctioning airbags and this can be a big hazard. In fact, in 2014, Land Rover even recalled several models due to airbag malfunctions. There’s a common misalignment of springs and steering columns that can cause the airbag to deploy prematurely. It’s important to have a trained professional check over the airbags in your Land Rover, so you can have peace of mind that your family is safe. 

Sunroof Leaks

Land Rover customers have reported a high instance of sunroof leaves or rainwater dripping through the roof. Unfortunately, this seems to happen in even the newer models and is caused by a simple design flaw– pinched drains. This seems like a small issue, but just imagine the damage standing water can do to your interior if you just ignore the problem. 

Suspension Problems

The suspension affects the ride in your Land Rover. A newer Land Rover will ride smoothly and easily over the road, but give it a few years and the suspension can start to sag. When this happens, the suspension will need replacing. If you’re looking to buy an older Land Rover, we recommend you find one where the air suspension has already been replaced with traditional coil springs to avoid future problems. 

Issues With the Steering Shaft

The steering shaft is what connects the steering wheel to the parts under the car that help steer. Steering shaft problems will cause noises when turning your Land Rover, usually at slower speeds. So, pay attention when going around corners and don’t ignore those funny sounds, unless you want it to get a lot worse. 

Oil Leaks

Land Rovers are known for leaking oil, even the newer vehicles. This can be caused by several issues, so it should be checked out by a professional if you notice any leaking. Common areas for a leak include the head gasket, valve cover gaskets and oil cooler lines. 

Parking Brake Failure

Land Rover Repair. This one’s going to be a big deal if you’re parked on a hill. Parking brake failure seems to be a common trend with Land Rovers. The brake will become out of alignment and need to be readjusted. Contact a professional to help you with this.

With all these things to watch out for, it’s important you have automotive personnel you can trust. If you need service or repair for your Land Rover, call Euromotive Performance at 954-944-2779 for a quick evaluation or contact us.




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