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If there’s ever a time to keep up with the routine maintenance on your vehicle, it’s when you invest in a model like the Porsche. Fluid checks and changes are a necessary part of taking care of your car. You can’t just put the fluids in, top them off, and forget about them.

Of course, they do need topped off and checked, but that’s where the pros come in. At Euromotive, we can perform standalone services or include Porsche fluid checks and change services with our other maintenance and care solutions.

What Fluids are Checked?

When you have a fluid check and change service performed, we will look at every single fluid in your engine, including:

  • Oil
  • Transmission fluid
  • Brake fluid
  • Power steering fluid
  • Differential/Transfer case fluid
  • Washer fluid
  • Coolant

If we notice anything that’s missing, leaking, or otherwise in need of attention, we’ll let you know. And, when we check the fluids, we’ll also perform a full visual inspection of the rest of your engine and vehicle systems to ensure that everything is good to go before we get you back on the road.

The Importance of BMW Fluid Checks and Change Services

If your fluids are low, dirty, or otherwise not in optimal condition, that’s going to affect the operation of your vehicle. While low washer fluid might not be a huge deal, if your coolant seems to be leaking, that might need to be addressed for example. When you bring your BMW to us, you can guarantee that we’ll inspect everything and make sure that we don’t just top anything off until we get to the bottom of what might be going on.

Not keeping fluids clean and filled can lead to serious issues, from things like brake failure (no brake fluid) to a blown head gasket or total engine blowout (no oil). Even though it seems like they’re nothing to be worried about, that’s exactly why you should.


How Often Should Fluids Be Checked and Changed?

We recommend checking all fluids at every service appointment, including your regular maintenance intervals:

  • 5,000 miles or within the first year
  • 10,000 miles
  • Every 5,000-10,000 miles after depending on driving habits and vehicle model

When you keep your fluids in check, you’ll avoid several bigger mechanical issues that could arise from simple oversights. Plus, it’ll give you a chance to have our experts check on everything else, too, ensuring that you’re always in the best shape to hit the road in your BMW. Plus, we can take care of BMW drivers all over Fort Lauderdale and South Florida, including Miami, Boca Raton, Davie, Hallandale, Coral Gables, and other nearby areas.

Call us to discuss getting your BMW on a maintenance schedule that works for you, including fluid checks and change services that can keep your fluids working at their best at all times. We have a team of experienced technicians that can handle all kinds of luxury brands, including BMW. Call us at (954) 944-2779 or use our online scheduler to set up your appointment for service now.

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