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If your BMW has an air suspension instead of a traditional mechanical suspension, you’ll have a different need when it comes to service and repairs. Fortunately, Euromotive can handle it all, including BMW air suspension repair, along with service and solutions for other luxury brands.

What is Air Suspension?

Air suspension systems were developed back in the WWII days and originally designed for large, heavy aircraft. Today, they’re premium systems being used in more vehicles for things like providing a more comfortable ride and offering luxury comfort over standard suspension systems. They also help with some pickup trucks for the sake of hauling and other needs, but in your Beamer, it’s all about luxury comfort and a smooth ride.

If your air suspension isn’t properly maintained, it can start to show signs of wear or become problematic in the handling. You could notice a rougher ride or even feel like you have little control over your vehicle on the road. Fortunately, when an air suspension fails or needs repaired, you can trust our team to get it resolved so you can get back to enjoying that premium ride you paid for.

Air Suspension Repair Services

If you’re in the market for premium suspension repair, you’re in the right place. Euromotive can handle all kinds of BMW air suspension repairs, no matter how big or small they might be. Whether you’ve got pressure issues, lines that need replaced, or other concerns, we’ll inspect the entire system and figure out what’s wrong so that we can get it back in working order and you can get back on the road.

Air suspension repair services include:

  • Air leak checks
  • Compressor diagnostics
  • Electrical/computer diagnostics
  • Visual inspection
  • Mechanical parts inspection and diagnostics

We’ll go over every part of your air suspension and ensure that we address any concerns, and we’ll even check your wheels, tires, and steering while we’re at it to maximize your ride improvement and keep your BMW in better shape so that you don’t have to come in for more repairs than necessary. Plus, we can help you set up a maintenance schedule and even perform an inspection of the rest of the car to ensure that it’s in good shape while we’re taking care of the suspension.

How to Protect Your Suspension

In order to avoid serious suspension repairs, you should take care of your suspension by having routine maintenance performed. Most manufacturers, including BMW, recommend this type of service every 30,000 to 60,000 miles, but you may want to have the system inspected and checked more frequently to be safe and to keep an eye for early warning signs.

You’ll also want to keep your wheel alignment in check and make sure that you’re driving on smooth roads as much as possible to save your suspension from overwork or potential damage. There’s a lot that you can do, but there are also times when you may just need some professional service.

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